Mutley (The Puppy Place, Book 20)

Mutley (The Puppy Place, Book 20)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 30

ISBN: 2:00276377

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. Their family fosters dogs that are in need of a permanent home. At first, Muttley the mutt seems wild and untrainable but he quickly becomes a hero when he smells smoke in the Peterson's house and rescues the family.

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time Lizzie’s mom came home. That EMT guy, and all the other people who had been inspired by the ceremony, would come down to the shelter and adopt the rest of the dogs who needed homes. Everything was going to work out perfectly. “I bet we could do it tomorrow,” she finished. Ms. Dobbins looked surprised. Oops. “Am I being too bossy?” Lizzie asked. Ms. Dobbins waved a hand. “Bossy or not, it’s a great idea,” she said. “And not the first great idea you’ve had, either.” She smiled at Lizzie.

chair. She reached down to ruffle his floppy ears. “What a good puppy,” she said. “What a hero.” Muttley licked her hand sleepily. Me? A hero? Well, if you say so. “So you’re not mad that we haven’t found him a home yet?” Lizzie asked. “Are you kidding?” Mom said. “He saved your lives. I love this puppy. This puppy deserves a medal!” “I bet Muttley will have a forever home by the end of the day,” said Dad. “When people hear about what he did, they’ll be lining up to adopt him.” Lizzie hoped

didn’t have Muttley, maybe our house would have burned down. And it was your idea that we should foster him. So I guess we owe you a big thank-you.” Daphne smiled. “By the way, I might be able to come to Caring Paws this week,” she said. “Me, too,” said Brianna. “Do you think Ms. Dobbins will still need us?” “Definitely,” said Lizzie. “I know she’d be really happy to have you back.” Daphne and Brianna knelt to give Muttley some hugs, and Lizzie and Jimmy smiled at each other. Then Chief

household. We had to promise to find Muttley a home before she gets back.” Lizzie looked up and saw Daphne and Brianna on their way out of the hot-lunch line. They carried their trays to the table and sat down across from Lizzie and Maria. Lizzie did her best not to make a face when she saw the gross shepherd’s pie on their plates. She would rather have a turkey sandwich anytime. “So, when are you coming to Caring Paws again?” Daphne and Brianna looked at each other. “Actually, we can’t make

time. She had wanted a dog for years and years before she finally got Buddy. Poor Jimmy. Then she sat up straight and smiled. She’d just had another great idea. “Hey, Jimmy,” she said. “Remember how you said you wanted to join the Caring Club, and help out at the shelter?” CHAPTER SEVEN “Welcome, Jimmy,” said Ms. Dobbins that afternoon, when Lizzie and Jimmy arrived at Caring Paws. “We are full to overflowing here these days, with lots of dogs and cats who need homes. We can use all the help we

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