Ms. Todd Is Odd! (My Weird School, Book 12)

Ms. Todd Is Odd! (My Weird School, Book 12)

Dan Gutman

Language: English

Pages: 22


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Something weird is going on!

Ms. Todd is subbing, and A.J. and his friends are sure she kidnapped Miss Daisy so she could take over her job. They’re going to have to do the detective work to get the goods on her. But it won’t be easy! Ms. Todd is the weirdest substitute teacher in the history of the world!

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doesn’t know anything. She is the only grown-up who can’t read, write, or do arithmetic. In fact, sometimes we have to teach her stuff! She is the dumbest teacher in the history of the world. Miss Daisy asked us once not to tell Mr. Klutz how dumb she is. She’s afraid she’ll get fired. I hoped Ms. Todd would be as dumb as Miss Daisy. “You know,” Ryan said, “Miss Daisy didn’t look sick yesterday.” “Maybe she’s not sick at all,” said Michael. “Yeah,” I said, “maybe she’s faking it so she can

machine that spun me around until I threw up. Then he made me shine his head with a rag. Then he made me eat smelly cheese. Then he made me listen to some of his old music from the 1980s. It was horrible. I thought I was gonna die.” “Cool!” Ryan said. 7 Circle of Friends “I love math!” Ms. Todd said after recess, smiling her smiley face and clapping her hands and running around the class for no reason. Where does she get all the energy? “I love math too!” said Andrea. “If you had

Todd said. After we finished our pictures, Ms. Todd said the rain had stopped so we could go out to the playground to burn off some energy. “Can we play tag?” I asked. “Please please please please please?” “Tag can be a very violent game,” Ms. Todd said. “Let’s play circle of friends instead!” “What’s that?” “It’s a lot like tag,” Ms. Todd explained, “except that when you tag people, they don’t become it. They become your new friends. The object of the game is to see how many friends you can

kids like me should know stuff like that. No one was back from lunch yet. Ms. Todd was probably still in the teachers’ lounge. That’s a room where teachers sit around in hot tubs all day. So me and Ryan looked around the classroom for murder weapons. A piece of chalk? A flag? The blackboard eraser? It would be really hard to murder somebody with an eraser. “What if you forced somebody to eat the eraser?” asked Ryan. He is always thinking about eating stuff that is not food. Ryan is weird. “Did

loose. If we chased her out of school and around the parking lot, though, we’d be in big trouble. That’s when I thought of something. Ms. Todd forgot to take that piece of paper she was always writing on! I could grab it and hide it so nobody would ever know about all the bad stuff I did while we had a sub. What a genius idea. No wonder I’m gifted and talented. I went over to Miss Daisy’s desk. “You better leave that paper alone, A.J.,” said Andrea. “Mind your own beeswax, Andrea.” I found

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