Monsoon (Courtney Family Adventures)

Monsoon (Courtney Family Adventures)

Wilbur Smith

Language: English

Pages: 822

ISBN: 0312971540

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Monsoon, a Courtney Family Adventure from Wilbur Smith

One man. Three sons. A powerful destiny waiting to unfold.

Monsoon is the sweeping epic that continues the saga begun in Wilbur Smith's bestselling Birds of Prey. Once a voracious adventurer, it has been many years since Hal Courtney has dared the high seas. Now he must return with three of his sons - Tom, Dorian, and Guy - to protect the East India Trading Company from looting pirates, in exchange for half of the fortune he recovers.

It will be a death or glory mission in the name of the crown. But Hal must also think about the fates of his sons. Like their father before them, Tom, Dorian, and Guy are drawn inexorably to Africa. When fate decrees that they must all leave England forever, they set sail for the dark, unexplored continent, seduced by the allure and mystery of this new, magnificent, but savage land. All will have a crucial part to play in shaping the Courtneys' destiny, as the family vies for a prize beyond any of their dreams.

In a story of anger and passion, peace and war, Wilbur Smith evinces himself at the height of his storytelling powers. Set at the dawn of eighteenth-century England, with the Courtneys riding wind-tossed seas toward Arabia and Africa, Monsoon is an exhilarating adventure pitting brother against brother, man against sea, and good against evil.

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out by me, Henry Courtney, under power vested in me by commission of His Majesty King William III. Tom stood beside his father and read aloud the Arabic text of the proclamation. When he came to the end he said, “It is signed ‘El Tazar.’ That means the Barracuda. Why?” “It’s the name I was given by the Mussulmen when first I voyaged in these waters.” Hal looked down at his son. Once again, he felt a pang of concern that one as young as Tom should have been witness to such grisly

twist to the strap of the tourniquet and ran the edge of the blade across the tightly drawn skin. The flesh parted and Tom, who was holding the wooden wedge between his father’s jaws, felt his body convulse and his back arch, every muscle and sinew drawn tight as a longbow at full stretch. A terrible cry issued from Hal’s throat, and then he clamped down on the wedge, locking his jaws so that the wood was crushed between his teeth. Tom tried to hold his head as it thrashed from side to side, but

sent aloft again. Next, all the lines and sheets of her rigging were minutely inspected and the greater part replaced with fresh manila of the finest quality from the Seraph’s stores. The old black sails were in rags and tatters—most had been roughly patched and cobbled by al-Auf’s men. “We will replace them all,” Tom decided, and sent Ned to rifle the lockers of the Seraph. The sail-makers squatted in rows on the open deck, making up new canvas and altering the sails from the Seraph’s lockers to

with his body so that Tom could not see past him. “What is it you want?” William asked. “How dare you come yelling at the door to my private rooms.” He was also in shirtsleeves, but his face was darkly flushed, with anger or exertion, and his eyes burned with fury. “Get away with you, you impertinent puppy.” “I want to speak to Alice.” Tom stood his ground stubbornly. “You have already spoken to her once this evening. Alice is busy. You cannot see her now.” “I heard someone cry out.” “It was

nervous. They had to beat into the harbour against the breeze, but this was a price Tom was pleased to pay in exchange for a straight run out. Soon they were among the French fleet, passing so close to one tall three-decker that they could hear the anchor watch on her main deck talking drowsily. No one challenged them and Luke threaded the Raven quietly towards the stone wharf where they had last seen the sloop. Tom crouched in the bows, peering ahead for the first glimpse of the French vessel.

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