Locating the Field: Space, Place and Context in Anthropology (ASA Monographs)

Locating the Field: Space, Place and Context in Anthropology (ASA Monographs)

Peter Collins

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1845204034

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Are reports of the death of conventional fieldwork in anthropology greatly exaggerated? This book takes a critical look at the latest developments and key issues in fieldwork. The nature of 'locality' itself is problematic for both research subjects and fieldworkers, on the grounds that it must now be maintained and represented in relation to widening (and fragmenting) social frames and networks.

Such developments have raised questions concerning the nature of ethnographic presence and scales of comparison. From the social space of a cybercafe to cities in India, the Uk and South Africa among others, this book features a wide range of ethnographic studies that provide new ways of looking at the concepts of 'locality' and 'site'. It shows that rather than taking key fieldwork processes such as globalization and mobility for granted, anthropologists are well-placed to examine and critique the totalizing assumptions behind these notions.

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my own field of expertise, I analysed her work in this area. As mentioned above, this resulted in a companion volume to the biography published the following year. It combined scholarly articles on her work with excerpts from her own writings, some of which had not previously been published. Without this collaboration I would have been much less successful in bringing to light Björg’s thoughts and ideas. At the same time the contribution of these scholars fed into my analysis in the biography,

strong and distinctive in its looseness of the stride and movement across as well as up the pavement. We are not interested at this stage in the content of the talk, or the gender of the walkers, so much as in the means by which the walkers shared these distinctive bodily orientations. Closeness was produced not simply through the conversation but by sharing the rhythm of walking. When the pair split up, the rhythm continued in the Union Street walker for a short time, and in a sense the

Everyday Life, trans. S. Rendall, Berkeley: University of California Press. Clifford, J. (1997), Routes: Travel and Translation in the Late Twentieth Century, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. Coffey, A. (1999), The Ethnographic Self, London: Sage. Connerton, J. (1989), How Societies Remember, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Davies, C. (1999), Reflexive Ethnography: A Guide to Researching Self and Others, London: Routledge. Ellen, R. (1984), Ethnographic Research: A Guide to

cultural adaptation are concerned. This strategy acknowledges a positive image and sense of integrated ethnic and national identity. In addition, the selection of an acculturative strategy reflects commonalities with the ‘host’ culture in terms of cultural preferences to food, dress, music, and so on, alongside what are perceived to be integral aspects of their Indian culture, such as religion and language. There is a clear indication that the tension between these two factors will play an

users of internet cafés in Bangalore. At a rough estimate, they made up between 25 and 30 per cent of users at this particular cybercafé in Lakshminagar, and an even greater percentage in the cybercafés in the centre of Bangalore used by the more élite sections of society, which were generally more open, with PCs arranged around the walls and often staffed by women. Networld was not the enclosed-cabin variety of cybercafé and, although pornography was certainly viewed there, one would be more

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