Lies of the Prophet

Lies of the Prophet

Ike Hamill

Language: English

Pages: 396


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Gregory was the first to rise from the grave. With no organs and no pulse he burst from his coffin demanding to know why he’d been buried. His subsequent book made him a billionaire and encouraged others to follow in his footsteps. Unfortunately, the decayed, mindless undead who rose next were nothing like him.

Lynne, Carol, and Marta are on a collision course with the same goal: they must stop Gregory. Join these three women as they battle supernatural forces and discover their own paranormal powers. They each have their own reasons for fighting Gregory, but the fate of the world rests in their hands.


Following the success of "The Vivisectionist," "Lies of the Prophet" is the second novel by horror author Ike Hamill. In this book, Ike drops his likable characters into a twisted, paranormal reality with startling turns around every corner. You're dropped right into the action. Don't worry, you'll catch up as the characters learn to navigate their world.

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to do with all this Gregory business? All the more reason. Just get rid of her and she won’t be a wildcard anymore.” “She might know where my real daughter is,” said Carol. “She’s burning in hell,” said Donna. “Why did I take this off?” asked Jenko. He pressed the tired piece of tape back over Donna’s mouth. “Carol’s got a point,” said Lynne. “Even if she’s not human, she still has information we need. Why was she setting up that portal? Who does she work for, or with? Oh, and she and the

began to burst with the forming ice. One of Lynne’s eyes rolled back into her head, but the other stayed forward. The forward-facing eye saw Donna’s sparkle morphing into green fireworks. Behind Lynne and Donna and the bodyguards, down the short hall, the apartment’s door exploded in splinters. Andrew plowed through and flew into the room. He dropped the two guards with two bullets. He followed each to the ground with two more shots.  “Lynne,” he said. “Let go. Let go so I can get a shot.”

or Lynne ran out of things to say. “How’s Andy?” Lynne asked to break the silence. “He’s good,” said Carol. “He’s spending most of his time ferreting out all the bad nuns. How’s your leg doing?” “Uh, it’s okay,” said Lynne. She touched the bandage that covered her thigh. “They removed a big chunk of the muscle. I think maybe her foot,” she said and pointed her cane at Donna again, “was touching me on the leg. Nobody even asked how I got frostbite in the middle of summer.” “There was a lot

because it made her feel important to be at the center of his sudden celebrity. She wouldn’t leave because Gregory needed her there. That was clear even though he never said it.  Finally, Gregory just fell asleep in the middle of a question. His open-mouth snore was the only answer. Marta shooed the doctors and reporters away while Gregory snored. She propped a chair against the door, but it did no good on the polished tile floor. Nurses still pushed their way in, but at least the doctors stayed

they had driven all that way to get a cat, when she nearly jumped out of her skin. Appearing like magic, the cat sailed through the window and onto Lynne’s lap. It was a spinning, arching ball of purring gray, and white, and black fur. “Your cat?” asked Carol. “Domi,” Lynne smiled. “This is Carol. He’s not just a cat. He was dead and I think I brought him back to life. Plus, he managed to scare off Felix more than once.” “Felix?” Carol exhaled. “Why does that sound familiar?” “I don’t know,

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