Lady Knight: Book 4 of the Protector of the Small Quartet

Lady Knight: Book 4 of the Protector of the Small Quartet

Tamora Pierce

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 0375829083

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Kel has finally achieved her lifelong dream of being a knight. But it’s not turning out as she imagined at all. She is torn between a duty she has sworn to uphold and a quest that she feels could turn the tide of war. . . .
“Unrelentingly realistic in its depiction of the horrors of war . . . Pierce provides exquisite details of the weaponry, topography, and culture of her world, and her control of a voluminous cast of characters is masterful.”

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smacked her head on moldy stone. Biting her lip to stop curses from escaping her, she trudged on, catching up to Agrane. They walked for some time. Finally Agrane halted and raised her lantern. Overhead, Kel saw a grate. This one had solid bars, but it was not anchored and a little pressure raised it. Kel handed her weapons to Agrane and carefully pushed the grate up. Once it was clear of its stone rim, she eased it to one side. Gently she lowered it to the floor overhead. With it out of the

called, “How many of you shoot bows?” she asked. “Raise your hands. I want anyone over the age of ten or so, no matter if your shooting is good or bad.” Hands went up in response. “All of you, sign up with . . .” Kel pointed to the female clerk at the southern stocks. “Hildurra Ward,” the woman said, getting to her feet to bow. “When I’m done talking, give Mistress Hildurra your names,” Kel ordered them. “How many can use a sling?” More hands went up, including those of girls and boys who

to practice his training when his lady did. They were in the middle of exercises, Kel with her glaive, Tobe with his spear, when their dog and sparrow audience left them. Kel refused to break her concentration to see where they had gotten to—she was used to them watching her entire routine—but once she had washed up and pulled on her tunic, she went in search of them. She found them, and what looked to be all of the camp’s dogs and cats and at least thirty sparrows, clustered around and on

she climbed into Peachblossom’s saddle, then reclaimed it. “Tobe, get Neal. Tell him he’s needed on the wall.” The boy raced off. Kel led the soldiers out through the half-open gate at a trot. Squinting at the southern woods, she could just see movement in the trees. There was no point in wondering how the enemy had crept behind the forts and patrols between Haven and the Vassa River. They were here, and she had to persuade them to leave. Hooves thumped the ground, coming up beside her. Kel

loosed her arrow. It sped across the distance between her and the slowest device and punched into its iron dome. Shepherd raced over to the thing and leaped, twisting to avoid its wildly flailing knife-fingers and gripping the arrow’s shaft in his jaws. His weight snapped the arrow, allowing its head to fall into the dome, opening a gap for the child-spirit to escape. The dog’s momentum carried him free as the device collapsed in a heap. “Can I have one of those arrows?” asked Fanche. Kel handed

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