Just Grace and the Super Sleepover (The Just Grace Series)

Just Grace and the Super Sleepover (The Just Grace Series)

Charise Mericle Harper

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0544456009

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Put on your pajamas and bring your sleeping bag—it’s time for Just Grace to go to a super sleepover! Birthdays and sleepovers are always super fun, but there’s just one thing that keeps Just Grace from getting super excited about this sleepover. 

Book eleven in the Just Grace series continues the illustrated adventures of the beloved third-grader Just Grace, who has been praised by the Horn Book for having a voice that is “consistently funny, frank, and believable.” The familiar school, friendship, and family situations in these books resonate with Grace’s audience and keep them “speed[ing] through this latest and look[ing] forward eagerly to the next.”

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remembered the bugs. If millions of bugs stood on each other’s shoulders they’d be pretty tall too, and that many bugs I did not want to see. Our last fact was that the Andes mountain range is more than four thousand miles long. That’s a lot of mountains. WHAT I WAS SURPRISED TO FIND OUT After school Mimi and I went to go and look at the recycling bin outside the art room, but we couldn’t find it—it was gone. There was a recycling bin there, but it was the wrong one—the number on

playground and wanted to stop and talk with her. That was lucky again, because now I could go and find Sammy by myself. Sammy was not very hard to find. His favorite jacket is bright orange. When someone is wearing a bright orange jacket, he is easy to see. THE NOTE Right after I gave Sammy the note he said, “That’s too bad—I was kind of getting to like the ghost, but Mr. Woods will be happy.” I thought about what he said, but forced myself to shake my head. I was kind of liking the

instead of the truth, out came another lie. “I can’t find my card,” I said. “It’s gone.” Mimi looked surprised. She shook her head. “It can’t be gone,” she said. “We haven’t been anywhere—we’ve been here all morning. Did you look in your backpack?” I got up and she followed me to my locker. Of course I knew it wasn’t going to be there, but I pretended to look for it anyway. As we headed toward the lunchroom, Mimi suddenly grabbed my arm. “I know where it is,” she said. She pulled me down the

percent crazy and not true, but when Owen 1 says weird stuff, it’s better to pretend you didn’t hear him. Arguing with Owen 1 is not a good idea. He’s a bad loser. Sometimes when I am mad or upset I like to draw comics. I don’t know why it works, but it usually helps me feel better. I did that the last time Owen 1 was a bad loser, and when I was done I felt almost 100 percent better, plus it was fun to draw him saying he was sorry. Even if something doesn’t happen in real life, it can help

Probably everyone had forgotten about the recycling can anyway. WHAT TASTES EXTRA GOOD AFTER YOU HAVE DECIDED THAT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO TURN OUT EXACTLY LIKE YOU WANT IT TO French toast. LIE NUMBER ONE On the way to school I told Mimi how I was really feeling about the sleepover. She was quiet for a minute, and then she pointed at me. “I knew there was something you weren’t telling me. I could feel it.” I nodded, but didn’t say what I was thinking. Mimi did have powers—she’d

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