Just Another Judgement Day (A Nightside Book)

Just Another Judgement Day (A Nightside Book)

Simon R. Green

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0441018122

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Just another success from the New York Times bestselling author

God's own enforcer, the righteous engine of destruction known as the Walking Man, has come to the Nightside. His sole purpose is the elimination of the wicked and the guilty, which means no one will be left in the Nightside once he gets started. So the Authorities have hired P.I. John Taylor to stop him. Legend has it that he can't be killed. Taylor is very much hoping that the legend isn't true.

Death's Rival (Jane Yellowrock, Book 5)

Touched by Darkness (Sentinel, Book 1)

Magic to the Bone (Allie Beckstrom, Book 1)

Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files, Book 8)




















Table of Contents Title Page Copyright Page ONE - Retro Voodoo and the Spirit of Dorian Gray TWO - At Home with John and Suzie THREE - Not Really Fitting In at All at the Adventurers Club FOUR - Justice, for All FIVE - Bad Boys and Wayward Girls SIX - The Only Thing Worse Than Asking Questions of God SEVEN - The Good Man EIGHT - There Is Always a Price to Be Paid NINE - Last Man Standing EPILOGUE Novels of the Nightside SOMETHING FROM THE NIGHTSIDE AGENTS OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS

weapons. I could hear them calling out to me. Singing swords of legend, rings of power, future guns with AI interfaces, pieces of armour still haunted by their previous owners. All of them asking, pleading, demanding to be taken up and used. “You see,” said Mr. Usher, “I have it all. Everything from the first club, fashioned from a thigh-bone by some forgotten man-ape, right up to the Darkvoid Device, which wiped out a thousand star systems in a moment. I can provide you with anything your heart

the abattoir. The stench of spilled blood and guts. The Speaking Gun looked just as I remembered. It was made of meat, of flesh and skin and bone, of dark-veined gristle and shards of cartilage, all held together with long strips of pale skin. Slabs of bone made up the handle, surrounded by freckled skin, that had a hot and sweaty look. The trigger was a canine tooth, and the red meat of the barrel glistened wetly. It was a thing, the ultimate killing tool, and it was alive. Chandra Singh leaned

she wrinkled her nose. “Now that...is tacky. Where are they getting all these duplicates from? I mean, they’d have to be exact doubles for this to work.” “Any number of options,” I said. “Clones, homunculi, doppelgängers . . . It doesn’t matter. The point is, I very much doubt any of these people are here by choice. The heavy restraints are a bit of a give-away there. This isn’t a hospital ward; it’s a torture chamber.” In the end, we found the answer behind a very ordinary-looking door. The

can be useful to him, to do those dirty and dangerous jobs that no-one else wants to know about. Henry doesn’t just deal with problems in the Nightside, you know. Especially after he lost his famous Voice and had to go out into the world to find a replacement.” “That’s all right, Adrien,” said Walker, entirely unmoved. “I got it back. Now stand down, Adrien, and surrender yourself to me.” And there it was, Walker’s Voice that could not be denied, hammering on the air like the Voice of God. This

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