Inked (Tattoos and Leather Book 1)

Inked (Tattoos and Leather Book 1)

Jaymie Holland

Language: English

Pages: 107

ISBN: B00I5AS680

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Stories in the “Tattoos and Leather” series

Book 1: Inked

Book 2: Branded

Book 3: Marked

Book 4: Stranded

Book 5: Owned

Megan Faircloth is thankful for her menial job as a typist even if it is the most mundane thing in the world. At least her deceased grandmother would be proud of her. The only bright spots are the days when the stunningly handsome identical twin businessmen stop by the office for appointments with management. She watches them covertly and in quiet moments finds herself thinking about what it would be like to be with both of the gorgeous men at once. Being with two men is her secret fantasy. But good girls don't fantasize about things like that, do they?

Nick and Sean Dorian have had their eyes on Megan for some time. Furtive glances from behind fluttering lashes and delicate blushes, catching her kind words and interactions with her coworkers, have them convinced that she is someone they want to get to know better. Much better. Soon they are pursuing the beautiful redhead with the heart of gold and finding out just how much her fiery personality fires their libidos. She is everything they’ve ever wanted in a woman. But as twins, Nick and Sean have always shared everything, and Megan will be no exception. Will Megan be the woman they can share their love with forever?

Megan’s fantasy comes to life, not only being with two men, but having them dominate her. However, circumstances push her away from the twins. There's a fine line between domination and control. Nick and Sean know they need to temper themselves to allow her to be her own woman and be happy. But they have every intention of convincing Megan that she belongs to them, and only them... The twins intend to have their happily ever after with Megan and they’re not about to let her get away.

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