Iceberg (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

Iceberg (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

Clive Cussler

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0425197387

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Frozen inside a million-ton mass of ice-the charred remains of a long missing luxury yacht, vanished en route to a secret White House rendezvous.  The only clue to the ship's priceless-and missing-cargo: nine ornately carved rings and the horribly burned bodies of its crew.

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flashed through his head, twenty-five minutes was all a man had to remain alive in forty-degree water-and with all the time in the world they never could have pulled themselves back onto the sheer sides of the iceberg. If he'd had precious moments to think about it, Pitt would have undoubtedly agreed with Hunnewell: he surely looked like a madman, skiding over the ice with his feet high above his head. Suddenly, with only a leg's length remaining before he collided with Hunnewell, Pitt brought

like a criminal? You told myself and the other gentlemen here he is a newspaperman and that it would not be wise to speak too freely with him. Yet, that is the fourth or fifth time tonight you have referred to him as Major." Rondheim studied the man before him, then set down his glass and pushed the button on a telephone. He didn't lift the receiver or talk into it, only picked up his glass and sipped at the remaining contents. "Before your questions are answered, Comrade Tamareztov, I

lifted a hand to strike him, her beautiful features contorted in hatred and anger. He caught her wrist and held it, twisting until she uttered a cry. "The basic difference between a man and a woman, my dove, is physical strength." He laughed at her helplessness. "You seem to have forgotten that." Rondheim roughly pushed her out the door and turned to the guards. "Throw that queer bastard in with the others," he ordered. "if he is fortunate and opens his eyes once more, he can have the

satisfaction of knowing he died among friends." Chapter 16 Somewhere in the black pit of unconsciousness Pitt began to see light. It was vague, dim like the bulb of a flashlight whose batteries were gasping out their last breath of energy. He struggled toward it. Desperately he reached out, once, twice, making several agonizing attempts to touch the yellow glow he knew was his window to the conscious world outside his mind. But each time he thought it was within his grasp, it moved

and then shook Lillie's hand. "Look after yourselves. I'll be expecting an invitation to that party soon." He turned his palms upward and shrugged helplessly. "God only knows where I'll be able to find a date who'd be seen in public with a battered face like this." Tidi laughed at that. He squeezed her shoulder and then turned and left the room. In the car on the way to the air base, Pitt stared out the window, his eyes unseeing, his mind back in the hospital. "He'll never walk again, will

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