Hungry Monkey: A Food-Loving Father's Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater

Hungry Monkey: A Food-Loving Father's Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater

Matthew Amster-Burton

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0547336896

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A memoir about the joys of food and parenting and the wild mélange of the two


Matthew Amster-Burton was a restaurant critic and food writer long before he and his wife, Laurie, had Iris. Now he’s a full-time, stay-at-home Dad and his experience with food has changed . . . a little. He's come to realize that kids don’t need puree in a jar or special menus at restaurants, and that raising an adventurous eater is about exposure, invention, and patience. He writes of the highs and lows of teaching your child about food--the high of rediscovering how something tastes for the first time through a child’s unedited reaction, and the low of thinking you have a precocious vegetable fiend on your hands only to discover that a child’s preferences change from day to day (and may take years to include vegetables again). Sharing in his culinary capers is little Iris, a budding gourmand and a zippy critic herself who makes huge sandwiches, gobbles up hot chilis, and even helps around the kitchen sometimes. Hungry Monkey takes food enthusiasts on a new adventure in eating and offers dozens of delicious recipes that "little fingers" can help to make.

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Table of Contents Title Page Table of Contents Copyright Dedication Introduction: Where Do Monkeys Come From? 1 Adventures in Breastfeeding 2 Discovering the First Rule of Baby Food 3 You Fed Your Baby WHAT? 4 Stew You Can Chew 5 Spice Girl 6 Part of This Complete Breakfast 7 Snacktime 8 Vegging Out 9 Sugar Makes Parents Hyper 10 Picky-Picky 11 Feeding the Carburetor 12 Welcome to The Jungle 13 Monkey Goes to Market 14 Can a Monkey Make Dinner? 15 Magic Cooking Robots 16 Fast

This was the second time a recall had hit home. The first time, Iris’s toy cell phone was recalled because the antenna could break off and present a choking hazard. We contacted the company, and they promptly sent a replacement. By this time, however, Iris was three years old, too old to choke on a busted cell phone, so we just kept both toys. This was probably unethical of us, but we got our karmic payback: two toy cell phones are twice as loud as one. I complained to Iris that she was making an

Plus, I was all set whenever I needed to fight off a mugger or attend an impromptu ribbon-cutting. Now Iris can handle a slice just fine, and she routinely eats half as much pizza as I do, even though I am five times her size. Mac Daddy Okay. This is embarrassing. Long before Iris was born, Laurie and I tried a super-cheesy macaroni recipe from a magazine. It called for nearly a pound of Cheddar, plus evaporated milk and eggs. It was quite tasty. It also made me want to lie down afterward. In

Double Trouble (chocolate cake with chocolate glaze). As I took a bite, a large crumb dropped, landing within range of Iris’s pointy tongue. She opened her mouth and slurped up the chunk with the same eagerness as, well, me. Uh-oh. You’re not supposed to feed a three-month-old anything other than breast milk or formula, and definitely not a doughnut. Apparently the American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t have any three-month-olds on their committees. There’s no evidence that the doughnut caused

“Iris, do you want to go to the aquarium? With Wressey?” I asked. She nodded, speechless. This was better than going to the aquarium with Batman. Iris trailed Wressey all over the aquarium until we were all exhausted and hungry. (Four boys, in case you are wondering, is a lot of boys.) We tumbled into the adjacent fish and chips place for lunch. I ordered a Sprite. Iris was curious. She was aquariumed out and on the verge of collapse. I let her drink some Sprite. She perked right up. It was time

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