How to Start and Operate Your Own Bed-and-Breakfast: Down-To-Earth Advice from an Award-Winning B&B Owner

How to Start and Operate Your Own Bed-and-Breakfast: Down-To-Earth Advice from an Award-Winning B&B Owner

Martha W. Murphy

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0805029036

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Down to earth advice from an award-winning B&B owner. Illustrated with charming line drawings and lightened by real-life anecdotes, this is an easily accessible guide to an ever growing small-business niche.

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most powerful bathroom fan and vent available, and consider tying the ventilation switch to the light switch so that the fan is automatically turned on whenever the room is used. Sometimes when a window is not possible, a skylight is. It’s worth the extra money to have it installed. It will add light and ventilation and make a small bathroom seem larger and more luxurious. The Necessities Whether your guest baths are shared, semiprivate, or private, they all need to be clean, bright, and

them back again for vacations with their families. My House Is Your House When you’re staying at other B&Bs, make a mental note about what common rooms and areas were available and what features you found most appealing. Then incorporate some of these ideas into your own B&B. You may not be able to do as much as your favorite B&B, but as long as you include some of the elements mentioned in this chapter, you will be on the right track. Remember, what you are trying to do is to provide your

guests with something more than just a room and a breakfast. With that in mind, set up your house as a haven, not just for you and your family but for another set of people too—your guests. You’ll almost be planning two houses in one, but you’ll want the house to present a seamless appearance, at least to your guests, so that they sense the house is really theirs, temporarily. If you make the effort and plan carefully, you will undoubtedly succeed in making your house a home sweet home for you

sideboard. You can likewise lock away other valuables that you want to use on a daily basis, and even though they will be completely insured against loss of any kind, you will feel more at ease knowing you’ve made things a bit more difficult for any would-be thief. As stated, I’ve yet to meet a host who has suffered any great loss to guests; travelers who frequent B&Bs are, by and large, a wonderful group. But if you’ve carefully planned against any possible misfortune, you and your family are

had asked for a discount, since he was reserving two rooms and staying for three nights while he, his wife, and daughter were coming to town to enroll the daughter at the local university. Although it was peak season and I could have easily filled the rooms at my highest rate, I gave them the discount thinking, “If they like it here, this family will be coming back at least twice a year for the next four years.” Once they arrived, I soon discovered that the discounted rate had just been the

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