House of Spirits and Whispers: The True Story of a Haunted House

House of Spirits and Whispers: The True Story of a Haunted House

Annie Wilder

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0738707775

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

We had been instructed to enter by the back door. That's the part of the house where the old man had lived. It was where he still lived. Turns out he was watching us that day too, silent and heavy as the air, bound to the earth and his former home.

In 1994, Annie Wilder and her children moved into a 100-year-old house in a historic Mississippi River town. Beautiful but spooky, the house had been on the market for six months with no offers. It felt like-and proved to be-a very haunted house.

Essentially the story of a remarkable old Victorian house that seems to be a threshold to the spirit world and the astral realm, House of Spirits and Whispers has a backstory of the Wilder family's relationship with the ghost of the home's previous owner, an old man named Leon.

Covering a decade's worth of ghostly activity and supernatural events, from whispering radiators to visits and appearances from all manner of spirits and entities, this unusual story is the true account of Annie Wilder's experiences living in a haunted house.

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dirt room's small doorway and stopped just inside it. "See, I was looking in here and I found this thing that looked like a closed-off pipe .. " He kept talking, but I missed the part about why an electrician would open a closed-off pipe because by that time he was coming out of the dirt room with a container in his hands. The electrician walked over to the washing machine with the container he had pulled out of the bogus pipe. It was made of two coffee cans that had been welded together and

complete. EIGHT Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don't let them scareyou unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity. R. I. FITZHENRY ALTHOUGH THE HOUSE now felt like it belonged to us instead of Leon, there was still something wide open and eerie about the nighttime-like anything could happen. I felt as though we had passed a test by returning Leon's money, but I soon found out that meeting Leon was only the beginning-more like an initiation into non-ordinary

to single or widowed older women. Before she left, Leon's daughter gave me back the coffee can and the fabric folder that I had seen in the coffee can when the electrician and I first looked inside.The cloth-wrapped sheaf of papers held the deed to the house. In it were the names of all the people who had owned our house before us. I put the coffee-can safe back in its hiding place in the dirt room. Every time we had people over to visit, they wanted to hear about the latest weird experiences

fine with me. I'd have the rest of my life to work on it. Warrior princess Molly, who was sixteen, didn't care where we livedshe had her eye on the door and the total freedom that awaited her at age eighteen. Fourteen-year-old Jack, the trickster, wanted to finish high school in our old town in Wisconsin. He didn't care where we lived either, as long as he could still go to the same school and hang out with his friends. So along with my high hopes and small budget, I also had a very limited

comes the bride" song. Although none of us could see anything in the water (except our own reflections), we took the wedding music as a positive sign, and Sarah's beau did propose a few months later. I realized that I was becoming too inured to weirdness and scary things when, late one night, I went out to toss a pizza box in the garbage and encountered a hooded man, dressed completely in black, on my back porch. Instead of screaming for help from the family friend who was spending the weekend

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