Hidden Stories of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry: Personal Reflections

Hidden Stories of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry: Personal Reflections

Richard Stone

Language: English

Pages: 227

ISBN: 1447308484

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the wake of the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri, this book serves as an important reminder of the 1993 Stephen Lawrence Case, presenting never-before-reported information about the inquiry into his murder. Panel member Richard Stone helps explain why the inquiry has not brought sufficient results, and why it has failed to change institutional racism. Using the case as a springboard, he discusses wider contemporary issues—such as policing practices and double-jeopardy rulings—and the lessons we can learn from the many details of the case that have otherwise been buried. Now available in paperback, this hard-hitting book makes essential reading for academics, students, researchers, and anyone interested in crime, police, and institutional racism.

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Met’s 6,000 vehicles, including police vans, where some people have died. • The conclusion of a review by May of controversial police stop and search, which has “disproportionately” targeted black people, particularly males, with changes to include fewer “but more intelligent” stops and the better training of officers.11 These promises are commendable. However, his critical friends, inside and outside the police service, have had 31 years of promises with almost no positive outcomes. After the

Bowling, B., Parmar, A. and Phillips, C. (2003) ‘Policing ethnic minority communities’, in T. Newburn The handbook of policing, Cullompton: Willan, p 540. 40 Ibid. 41 Stop and Search Action Team (2004) Strategy 2004/05, London: Home Office. 42 Shiner, M. (2006) National implementation of the recording of police stops, London: Home Office. 43 The current stop and search policy is that the record of a search must always include: “A note of the self defined ethnicity, and if different, the

data. This is a complex issue and I know is <24>central to many of your thoughts. My plea is that a <25>superficial analysis that does not ignore the P-281 < 1>complexity of this situation will not actually take < 2>us forward. < 3>Chairman, we have not been as effective as a < 4>service as I would wish in cases involving < 5>allegations of racist behaviour, discrimination by < 6>police officers. I have stood up around London from < 7>virtually my first few days in office and some of the <

<19>concentrated, did it not, on individual racism; what <20>is called the bad apple theory? <21>SIR CONDON: Not exclusively. <22>THE CHAIRMAN: Not exclusively but that was the theme <23>that was echoed forward from that report. But do you <24>accept or do you not accept that unconscious or <25>covert racism was evident and at large in any area of P-307 < 1>the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry? < 2>SIR CONDON: I have been the most vigorous critic of < 3>the police service on many aspects. If I believed

actually dealt <11>with them. One was some years ago, the business of <12>the height restriction for police officers, which was <13>discriminatory against Asian people. That has been <14>dealt with. <15>As Tom Cook said ACPO officers accepted the <16>notion of institutional racism and they put it, I <17>thought, very clearly in terms it is no longer <18>acceptable to treat people all equally. We have to <19>treat people, I think you used the word, I have it <20>down here as “individuals” but I

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