Help Your Kids with Maths (UK Edition)

Help Your Kids with Maths (UK Edition)

Carol Vorderman

Language: English

Pages: 266

ISBN: 1405322462

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A simple, visual guide to helping children understand maths with Carol Vorderman

Reduce the stress of studying maths and help your child with their homework, following Help Your Kids with Maths a unique visual guide which will demystify the subject for everyone.

Updated to include the latest changes to the UK National Curriculum and with additional content on roman numerals, time, fractions and times tables, Help Your Kids with Maths helps you solve maths problems step-by-step. Using clear, accessible pictures and diagrams - and covering everything from basic numeracy to more challenging subjects like statistics and algebra - you'll learn to approach even the most complex maths problems with confidence. Includes a glossary of key maths terms and symbols.

Help Your Kids with Maths is the perfect guide for every frustrated parent and struggling child, who wants to understand maths and put it into practise.

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around a circle, is 360°. All other angles are less than 360°. 90° letter identifies angle 45° 180° a sign for angle 0° 360° two sides of angle centre of rotation point or vertex △ Parts of an angle The space between these two lines is the angle. An angle can be named with a letter, its value in degrees, or the symbol ∠. △ Turn Here, the turn is anticlockwise, but a turn can also be clockwise. half turn of circle complete turn quarter turn straight line 360° △ Whole turn An angle

scale scale shows how lengths on bridge are reduced in drawing Scale: 1cm : 10m SEE ALSO   104–105 Enlargements Circles 138–139 56–59 Ratio and proportion convert scale to ratio of 1cm : 1,000cm using centimetres as common unit  To make an accurate plan of a large object, such as a bridge, the object’s measurements need to be scaled down. To do this, every measurement of the bridge is reduced by the same ratio. The first step in creating a scale drawing is to choose a scale – for

into the formula – the radius is 2.5 in this example; half the diameter. Multiply the radius by itself (square it) as shown by the formula – this makes the last multiplication simpler. Rearrange the formula so r is on its own on one side – divide both sides by 3.14. area = 3.14 × 2.52 the radius is half the diameter: 5 ÷ 2 = 2.5 Round the answer, and switch the sides so that the unknown, r, is shown first. π is 3.14 to 3 significant figures area = 3.14 × 6.25 2.5 × 2.5 = 6.25 19.6349... is

the surface area of a cone Area = π × r × h surface area of cone without base To find the area of the cone, multiply π by the radius and slant length. 3.14 × 3.9 × 9 = 110.21cm  π×r 2 formula for area of a circle surface area of base To find the area of the base, use the formula for the area of a circle, π × r2 . NT H EIGH T 9c m ▷ Cone base is circle Find the surface area of a cone by using formulas to find the area of the cone shape and the area of the base, and adding the two. 3 ×

7 has been added to this side, which cancels out –7, leaving 2x on its own x 2 + 11x + 20 = 2x adding –2x to 11x gives 9x Next, move the term multiplied by x to the left of the equals sign by adding its opposite to both sides of the equation. In this case, 2x is moved by subtracting 2x from both sides. x 2 + 9x + 20 = 0 subtracting 2x from this side cancels out 2x add the factors to find their sum list possible factors of c (20) Factors of +20 It is now possible to solve the equation by

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