Head First Programming A Learner`s Guide to Programming Using the Python Language [PB,2009]

Head First Programming A Learner`s Guide to Programming Using the Python Language [PB,2009]

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Head First Programming: A Learner's Guide to Programming Using the Python Language by David Griffiths. O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.,2009

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programmed or be the programmer? this is a new chapter   1 take control of your computer Programming lets you do more You’ve got problems to solve and work to do, but your existing software doesn’t quite cut it. Even with all those programs on your computer, you still need to do something different, something specific to you. If only I could program Twitter... How do I get my website to do what I want? Whaddaya mean, that‛s not the way the website was programmed?!? Man, I‛m sooooo fed up with

Now, there‛s just one thing... you are here 4   59 frugality feature I forgot to say that I only need to know the price when it’s $4.74 or lower. I don’t want it to bug me when it isn’t. The new version of the program works, but now there′s a design issue. The Starbuzz CEO wants to know when the price of the beans falls below $4.74. The program needs to keep checking the Beans’R’Us website until that happens. It’s time to restructure the program to add in this new feature. Let’s add a loop

first. import urllib.request price = 99.99 while price > 4.74: page = urllib.request.urlopen("http://www.beans-r-us.biz/prices.html") text = page.read().decode("utf8") where = text.find('>$') start_of_price = where + 2 end_of_price = start_of_price + 4 price = float(text[start_of_price:end_of_price]) print ("Buy!") you are here 4   71 time is on our side These are some of the functions provided by Python’s built-in time library: tion: time Python Library Documenta floating time.clock()

modify the program to add an emergency report feature that will immediately report the current price. Which parts of the code can you reuse to generate the emergency report? Grab your pencil and circle the part of the code you think you might reuse. Why do you think you‛ll need to resuse this code? import urllib.request import time price = 99.99 while price > 4.74: time.sleep(900) page = urllib.request.urlopen("http://www.beans-r-us.biz/prices.html") text = page.read().decode("utf8")

of a particular surfer can be performed as soon as possible. You already know enough to write a function that takes the surfer ID as a parameter, searches the file one line at a time for a matching ID, and then returns the found data to the caller: Pass the surfer ID. ... find_details(id) _ () nd ls fi ai t de ... 101;Johnny 'wave-boy' Jones;USA;8.32;Fish;21 Return all the data for the ID. There are really only two choices for how you return data from this function. Pass back the

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