Happenstance Found (The Books of Umber)

Happenstance Found (The Books of Umber)

P. W. Catanese

Language: English

Pages: 342

ISBN: 1416953825

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Master storyteller P.W. Catanese begins the Books of Umber trilogy with Happenstance Found—now available in paperback—when twelve-yearold Happenstance awakens in a cave with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there. Lord Umber and his companions rescue Hap, and the group sets out on dangerous and unusual missions that continue in Dragon Games.

Hap’s and Umber’s journeys take them to the corrupt kingdom of Sarnica, where Umber’s nemesis has acquired some dragon eggs. Umber wants to study a new magical species, but what starts as a quest for knowledge turns into a dangerous rescue operation. The deft plotting of these actionpacked, heart-stopping adventures will pique the imagination and leave readers anxious for the final installment.

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thick-glassed windows lined the wall of the central cabin. Through them, Hap saw the sky turn from red to deep blue to pure black. Umber finally inverted his goblet over his mouth, let the last drop of wine fall, and leaned back from the table and rubbed his belly. “Glorious!” he said, followed by a sigh. “All I need now is some fresh salty air. Come, Hap, let’s see what’s become of our pursuer.” Hap followed Umber out of the hatch. It was a warm evening, and a stronger headwind had sprung up.

and set foot on sturdy land. Hoyle scowled at Umber one last time, and then stomped down the plank, across the dock, and up the wide stairs of a tall, white building with a sign that made Hap look twice. Under a large decorative letter U it said THE UMBER SHIPPING COMPANY. Hap followed the others down the plank. The dock was busy as an anthill. Grunting, laughing, sweating, singing men loaded and unloaded the ships. Barrels were rolled up and down ramps, chests were balanced on shoulders, and

how light and dizzy I felt when I saw the first girl I ever loved. And I can remember how numb and heavy I felt on the day she died. Yes, Hap, I think memory is like a book.” “If it’s a book, then mine is very short,” Hap said. “But it feels like something else to me: a box getting filled up with things. And some of the things, I don’t understand.” “That might be a better way to look at it,” Balfour said. “A chest of stuff all jumbled together. Sometimes you dig in to search for one thing, but

fascinated with Umber as the days went by. She’d never met anyone like him—who has, really? And considering her ability to peer into the mind, I’m sure she learned more about him than any of us knows. “As weeks went by, she did fall in love, or as close to love as such a wicked thing can come. I think Umber finally convinced her that he loved her as well. She trusted him, and freed him. And when her guard was down, Umber took away all those things—the rings, the amulets, the charms—that gave her

gray foam. Hap flew through the crack in the keep, feeling the spittle of the wave lash his shoulders, and came to rest with his hands and feet on the floor. He felt every frantic thump of his heart. His hands went to the pockets of his coat, feeling for the precious items nestled within. Everything was still there. He was in a round, roofless space surrounded by ragged walls. The rain still hammered down, but he was safe from the waves. Across from where he’d entered, he saw an archway that led

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