German Milwaukee: It's History- It's Recipes

German Milwaukee: It's History- It's Recipes

Trudy Knauss Paradis, E. J. Brumder

Language: English

Pages: 216

ISBN: 0977451216

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book, by history and photograph, recipe and anecdote, recounts the lately forgotten story of the Germans in Milwaukee and the profound influence these German-speaking immigrants and their descendants had upon the dynamic city of today. Author Trudy Knauss Paradis, with the assistance of E.J. Brumder, beautifully sets forth this extraordinary history; from the early German-speaking arrivals to Milwaukee County in the 1830s, to the vibrant "German Athens on Lake Michigan" which these immigrants and their children created, to the suppression of German identity following the two World Wars, to the renaissance of German ancestral pride of today. Together, Ms. Knauss Paradis, Director-in-Charge of Cultural Exhibition for German Fest Milwaukee and a child of German-born immigrants; and Mr. Brumder, local historian and scion of the Brumder German-language publishing empire, provide a well-rounded view of not only what it has meant and still means to be "German" in Milwaukee, but also an insightful portrayal of an often brilliant, culturally vibrant and always industrious community which has enriched Milwaukee at every conceivable level.


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Froedtert had a life-long interest in medicine. He aspired to attend medical school, but his father died in 1915. Kurtis took over the family business, founded in 1869, and led it to become one of the largest malting concerns in the nation (shown below). Through his foresight and benevolence, he established the Froedtert Foundation for a “special” hospital--one which was different from others – which became the region’s premier teaching hospital, the Medical College of Wisconsin. Adolph C. Zinn

by the Americans’ drive to “make new wealth” by starting new businesses, taking risks and constantly moving from place to place. Bernhardt Wey’s grand-daughter was my grandmother Edith Wey Kenny. These cookies were a family favorite. At Christmas she would decorate them with red and green maraschino cherries or bits of citron. Despite having an electric mixer, she always mixed the ingredients by hand. SCHNECKEN (SNAIL SHAPED SWEET ROLLS) INGREDIENTS TOPPING 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup raisins

other skies. Another painted animals, another people, while yet another worked on horses. The price for such a grand piece of work was $25,000. The Battle of Atlanta, painted in Milwaukee, is the only known panorama painting still in existence today and is located in a specially constructed Cyclorama building (built in 1921) in Atlanta, Georgia. At William Wehner’s Panorama Shop, scaffolding was erected for the painters to access the upper portions of the paintings. In order to allow the

Unterstützungsverein Spielmannszug Milwaukee United German Societies of Milwaukee, Inc. United German Choruses of Milwaukee Wisconsin Sängerbezirk Sprecher Brewery in Glendale, a local brewery, produces a variety of beers and sodas. Although several microbreweries are in existence, Sprecher, with Lakefront Brewery and Miller Brewing Company, are the three remaining breweries in Milwaukee. New on the block, but old in tradition, The Old German Beer Hall on Old World Third Street provides a

wild,” west of the Alleghenies in the basement of old St. Mary’s. St. Mary’s Church is the city’s oldest German Roman Catholic Church. King Ludwig of Bavaria donated to the parish the painting of the Annunciation hanging above the ornately carved altar. The stained glass windows, Stations of the Cross, the altar, and all of the carved wooden statues came from the Franz Meyer studio in Munich, Germany. The interior was renovated in 1982 and keeps its traditional German appearance. Old St. Mary’s

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