Flame the Desert Pony (Magic Pony Carousel, Book 5)

Flame the Desert Pony (Magic Pony Carousel, Book 5)

Poppy Shire

Language: English

Pages: 25


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Magic Pony Carousel has come to town and Chloe is excited to ride Flame, a beautiful palomino pony. As soon as she settles into Flame's saddle, the carousel whisks them off on a magical adventure in the Arabian desert, where Chloe and Flame help their new friend Mina solve a mystery and get ready for the big pony parade!

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Magic Pony Carousel Book 5 Flame the Desert Pony Poppy Shire Illustrations by Ron Berg Contents Chapter 1 The fairground looked lovely in the misty morning light. It… Chapter 2 “All aboard!” cried Mr. Barker. “Step up, step up for the… Chapter 3 Chloe untied the reins and led Flame over to the… Chapter 4 “What’s happened?” Chloe asked. She peered over Mina’s shoulder. A… Chapter 5 “You’re sitting much better now!” said Flame, as they clattered… Chapter 6

slowed to a halt, and one pony seemed to be gazing right at her. It was a stunning golden palomino with a creamy mane and tail and beautiful big brown eyes. From its pretty face with its slightly upturned nose, Chloe knew it must be an Arabian pony, and by the look of the saddle and bridle it could have come straight out of the desert! She ran forward for a closer look. The pony’s saddle was covered in deep ruby-red velvet with a golden fringe all the way around the edge. The matching ruby

saddlecloth. The blue silk and gold and silver embroidery gleamed against her chestnut coat. Chloe put on Flame’s saddle and bridle and led her out of the stable. She stopped dead in the doorway. “What is it?” Chloe whispered. Flame scraped her hoof on the ground. “Look down there,” she said. Chloe frowned. Flame was pointing at some sunflower seeds scattered on the ground by the door. “Well spotted, Flame,” she whispered. She turned to Mina. “Mina, do you ever feed Flicker sunflower seeds?”

sunflower seeds outside the stable…but then…we just met Abdou and he was eating a packet of them and he said…” She trailed off. When Hanna looked up, her eyes were full of tears. “I didn’t touch your saddlecloth!” she burst out. “I promise I didn’t!” “I didn’t say you did,” Mina said in surprise. Flame nudged her arm and whickered, and Chloe guessed she was trying to get Mina to stay quiet. Hanna still had more to say. A tear rolled down Hanna’s cheek. “I didn’t spoil your saddlecloth, but I

headband. She stood on tiptoe to read it. “‘Flame’!” she exclaimed. Chapter 2 “All aboard!” cried Mr. Barker. “Step up, step up for the most exciting ride of your lives! The Magic Pony Carousel is about to start!” Quickly Chloe scrambled up onto Flame’s back. She had read books about different kinds of ponies, and she knew Arabians came from the desert, where they had to be strong and fast to race long distances over the sand. She patted Flame’s shiny wooden neck, then held on tight

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