Fashion Design, Referenced: A Visual Guide to the History, Language, and Practice of Fashion

Fashion Design, Referenced: A Visual Guide to the History, Language, and Practice of Fashion

Alicia Kennedy, Emily Banis Stoehrer, Jay Calderin

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 1592536778

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fashion Design, Referenced is a comprehensive guide through the art and industry of fashion design, richly illustrated with over 1,000 photographs and drawings. Within the framework of four central categories, Fashion Design, Referenced examines the many interwoven elements that form the tapestry of fashion.

“Fundamentals” provides an overview of the essential structure of the fashion profession (its organization, specializations, and centers) and looks at shifts in style over time and in ever-faster cycles going forward.

“Principles” introduces the steps in creating a collection, from design to production, and explores directions suggested by sustainability and technology.

“Dissemination” charts the many avenues by which fashion reaches its audience, whether on the catwalk or in the store, in print or online, in the museum or on the street.

“Practice” gathers and appraises the work of the most influential and innovative fashion designers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

From its first question—What is fashion design?—to its last—What does the future hold?—Fashion Design, Referenced chronicles the scope of ideas, inspirations, and expressions that define fashion culture.

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scarves and longer hair, the new male attire is, above all, flamboyant. 1966 Pierre Cardin, who has been creating pop-inflected couture collections, resigns from the Chambre Syndicale to concentrate on ready-to-wear. He debuts Nehru jackets for men and begins to build his licensing empire. • Saint Laurent launches Rive Gauche, his luxury ready-to-wear line sold in a boutique of the same name. • Donyale Luna becomes the first African American model to appear on the cover of Vogue, the March

said to participate in this very cycle when they copy their own work for mass-market retailers like H&M or Target.) Truly innovative works, by their very nature, protect themselves because they are not easily reproduced. The essence of a fashion idea might be appropriated, but the execution and delivery will always be measured by the scope of a designer’s vision, the caliber of the message, and the mastery of the craft that produces it. This level of creativity, profoundly tied to the personality

standards for a company. Brand Creative/Artistic Director: In a job sometimes aligned with the responsibilities of a head designer, the artistic director guides the creative course for a brand’s fashion and accessory collections as well as extensions of the brand, like fragrance and beauty products. The creative director may also be involved in advertising and marketing campaigns. The System Specializations Merchandise Coordinator: Coordinators ensure that retail stores are meeting brand

sequins, beads, or jewels may be applied postproduction. quality craftsmanship demands checking for missed stitches, loose threads, or other flaws. the completed garment receives a final steaming and pressing before being properly packed for storage or delivery. - Photo by Jean-Noel de Soye, Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images. a Above label hand-stitched into a custom-made suit by Giorgio Armani, 2006 001-401_C68265.indd 185 001-416_29436.indd 185 (Text) (Ray) (Fogra 39)Job:10-29436

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