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Snapshots series

The Snapshots series of colourful and visually appealing titles is designed to engage reluctant readers. With their bold design and familiar subject matter – from battles to Batman – these books are perfect for guided reading and for encouraging less able readers to enjoy reading alone. Step inside and discover more about EXPLOSIONS. Zoom in on grenades, bouncing bombs, torpedoes, landmines and the atom bomb. Focus on bomb disposal.

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One. Soldiers still use hand grenades today. This is what a British 36 grenade looks like inside: KEY Safety pin and ring Grenade can only explode if you pull the pin out. 2 Striker Makes a spark when it hits the special cap – the spark lights the fuse 3 Five-second Fuse burns for five seconds fuse before the grenade explodes 4 Detonator Sets off the explosives. 5 Explosives The material that explodes 1 18 1 2 5 4 3 19 BOMBS Many different bombs were invented in World War

closer with your bomb. Over. PILOT 2 OK. I’m dropping it now. Bomb away! PILOT 1 (excited): Good work – it’s bounced down the face of the dam and exploded. PILOT 2 (pleased): The Germans will be short of water for a while. Over. PILOT 1 And it will stop their factories working, too! Over. PILOT 2 OK, let’s get out of here! 22 The pilots get ready for action. The dam explodes. 23 Bouncing bombs The bouncing bomb was invented in Britain by Barnes Wallis. It was built to skip over

bouncing bombs, torpedoes, landmines and the atom bomb. FOCUS ON... bomb disposal. I S B N 978-1-84680-450-2 www.risingstars-uk.com 9 781846 804502

‘cook off’ a hand grenade? 2.Why did the Chinese put cannons on a wall? 3.What is a tin fish? 5 ZOOMING IN … The deadliest bomb of all. Watch out for booby traps! 6 Torpedoes home in on their target. Powerful pirates liked powerful guns. Take aim and throw! This bomb bounced! Defusing bombs – a dangerous job. 7 CANNONS The Chinese were the first people to use cannons. They put about 3,000 small cannons on the Great Wall of China. They fired the cannons at their enemies. Later,

and fire one cannon. It was a dangerous job and the soldiers followed step-by-step instructions. f ir i n g d n a g n i d a lo for In s t r u c t i o n s a cannon ition and s o p o t in n o n n a 1) Wheel the c et sponge. w a h it w it n a cle u n p o w d e r. g e h t d d A ) 2 top of the n o g n i d d a w 3) Push gunpowder. cannon e h t o t in ll a b n nno 4) Put the ca n. and ram it dow cannon. e h t e r fi d n a 5) Aim ith a wet w in a g a n o n n a 6) Clean the c sponge. 12 13 HAND

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