Every Living Thing (All Creatures Great and Small)

Every Living Thing (All Creatures Great and Small)

James Herriot

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 1250075718

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This fifth and final installment in James Herriot's heartwarming collection brings back familiar friends (including old favorites such as Tricki Woo) and introduces new ones, including Herriot's children Rosie and Jimmy and the marvelously eccentric vet Calum Buchanan.

Every Living Thing is a perfect opportunity for existing fans of Herriot's work to reacquaint themselves with his writing, and for those who've never read him to see what generations of animal lovers have already discovered: James Herriot is that rarest of creatures, a genuine master storyteller.

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drew myself up. “I’ll have a go at him this Sunday,” I told Helen. “It’s usually a bit quieter and I’ll ask Siegfried to stand in for me in an emergency.” When the day arrived, Helen went out and placed two meals of chopped fish on the wall, one of them spiked with the contents of my Nembutal capsule. I crouched behind the window, watching intently as she directed Olly to the correct portion, holding my breath as he sniffed at it suspiciously. His hunger soon overcome his caution and he licked

think he’s coming round.” John, stretched out on the stairs, had begun to stir, and as he peered up at us through half-closed eyes an amazing flow of colourful language began to pour from him. He went on and on and on. Helen stared at me, open-mouthed. “Just listen to that! And he’s such a nice young man, too!” I could understand her astonishment, because John was an upright, very correct lad who, unlike most vets, did not swear. However, he had a wonderful store within him, because some of

became more and more marked over the months until one day he confided to me that he was engaged and that Heather and he hoped to marry soon. One wintry day I was kicking the snow off my boots in the porch at Skeldale House when John appeared in the doorway. “Heather’s inside,” he said a little breathlessly. “She’s in the office—I’d like you to meet her.” I wanted to meet her, too. In fact I was agog after all I had heard about her. I straightened my tie, flattened down my hair, and strode with

was the only thing to do. The calf was alive, so embryotomy was out of the question.” Siegfried looked at him open-mouthed. “And tell me…what…what happened?” “Oh, pretty straightforward, really. The heifer was up and looking fine when I left, and we got a lovely live calf.” “Well…well…” My partner seemed lost for words—the Caesarean operation on cows was a rare undertaking in the fifties—but finally his natural sense of justice reasserted itself. “Well, my boy, you’ve done a splendid job and I

at the thought of his long and needless journey on my account, and the feeling hadn’t left me three days later when I looked in the appointment book and saw that I had another call to the Hardwicks’ farm. When I arrived I found the brothers in the cow byre, forking hay into the racks. They didn’t give me the usual greeting. In fact, they seemed surprised to see me. “I’ve come to see your lame cow,” I announced cheerfully. They looked at each other expressionlessly, then back at me. “We

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