Eternal (The Immortal Saga Book 2)

Eternal (The Immortal Saga Book 2)

Pati Nagle

Language: English

Pages: 227


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“I never should have let them talk me into giving blood.”

When Manda notices a creepy white-haired goth watching her donate blood, her best friend Lenore panics and drags her to a tiny New Mexico village where she learns the horrible truth—

The goth is a vampire...and she's the target.

Hiding out in the village with Len’s gorgeous boyfriend, Manda meets several of his kindred, strangely beautiful men who call themselves ælven.  She is drawn to Savhoran, who is troubled and recovering from an ominous wound, made by another vampire.  Can Manda's heart survive the pain of loving an immortal who may himself be doomed?

A young adult urban fantasy sequel to Pati Nagle’s Immortal.

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bed. I was tired, now that the adrenaline had worn off. I looked at Steve, who was watching me. “Thanks,” I said for the hundredth time. He nodded. “Do you know that girl who attacked you?” “Not really. I’ve seen her before, but that’s all.” “She a student?” “I don’t think so.” “She had white hair—didn’t the campus killer have white hair?” “They never caught him.” “But there was a suspect. I’m pretty sure he had white hair.” And he had raped his female victims. I didn’t feel like

“Gone,” Madóran said. Nathrin’s eyes narrowed. “You are certain?” Madóran gave a small shrug. “Not absolutely. I asked him to leave and he agreed, but he could return.” Nathrin pressed his lips together. “Who was it?” “Pirian.” Frowning, Nathrin took two steps backward, then turned and left. Going back to protect his lady. Len came and sat next to me. Madóran gave her a mug of tea. “So it was someone you know?” I asked. He nodded. “An old acquaintance. Gehmanin told Pirian that he was

drinks. “Feeling OK?” Ignoring her, I filled a paper cup with lemonade. It was bad, from a powdered mix. I chugged two cups. “I’m always thirsty too,” Len said. “I wish they’d have something besides all this sugar.” I glanced at Caeran, who was munching an apple. Probably he’d brought it along. He was Mr. Healthy Eater, claimed he didn’t like sweets. I could have hated him if only he wasn’t so damned gorgeous. And nice. Disgustingly nice. OK, I was jealous. Len had scored the best-looking guy

right way. Something crashed into my car door. For a second I thought we’d been in an accident. Then it happened again. I glanced up, saw the alben through my window. Screamed “No!” as she aimed a punch that took out the glass. I acted purely on instinct. Wrenched the wheel around and gunned the engine. My hind brain must have told me to head west, away from Las Vegas. I concentrated on staying on the road while driving as fast as possible. We hit a straight stretch and I sped up. Prayed no

Madera’s gaze and looked up, and said something in that flowy language. “It’s all right,” Madera said softly. “I can heat up some broth if you like.” Savhoran shook his head and stared unhappily at his food. It sucks being sick, and it’s sad to watch a beautiful creature suffer. I felt sorry for him and wished there was something I could do. Best thing I could think of was not to make an issue of it, so I pretended it wasn’t important and finished my own supper. Savhoran left as soon as we

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