Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion (Scribner Library of Daily Life) (3 Volumes Set)

Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion (Scribner Library of Daily Life) (3 Volumes Set)

Valerie Steele

Language: English

Pages: 1600

ISBN: 0684313944

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This reference set provides information on all aspects of clothing and adornment in human culture, from ancient Egyptian wigs to space suits. From ritual garments in societies around the world to fashion models flashing the latest styles on Parisian runways, articles cover the technology, design, and social meaning of dress throughout history. Longer essays on cultural groups and eras appear along side shorter profiles of important people, institutions, textiles, or accessories in a convenient, A-Z sequence. Perspectives from fashion design, anthropology, art history, sociology, business, and history enrich the articles. All entries signed by specialist contributors, include bibliographies and references to related topics. Hundreds of photographs, color insert sections, and line drawings add to the set's appeal for students in high school through college, as well as journalists, designers, and anyone interested in this fascinating facet of everyday life and in this essential field of human creativity.

Ugly Beauty: Helena Rubinstein, L'Oréal, and the Blemished History of Looking Good

Harper's Bazaar (April 2013)

The New York Times Magazine (22 May 2016)

Form, Fit, Fashion: All the Details Fashion Designers Need to Know But Can Never Find




















with some exceptions like the Prue Acton and Trent Nathan labels, began a serious decline. Chronic lack of capital, a small population, lack of ability to market highvolume goods and the steady lifting of tariffs from the late 1970s, made Australia’s industries less and less competitive with imports, especially those from China. The latter became the country’s main source of clothing by E N C Y C L O P E D I A O F C L O T H I N G A N D F A S H I O N AUSTRALIAN DRESS Eugene Von Guerard,

N G A N D F A S H I O N BEENE, GEOFFREY Geoffrey Beene selecting shoes. Geoffrey Beene, a fashion designer whose career has spanned more than four decades, introduced an innovative mix of color and new fabrics to haute couture. His creations earned him eight prestigious Coty Awards. © DAVID LEES/CORBIS. REPRODUCED BY PERMISSION. Later Career In 1988 a retrospective at the National Academy of Design opened to coincide with the anniversary of Beene’s twenty-five years in business. During

to Paris, she was out of danger but also out of fashion. Bertin could still count a few English, Russian, and Spanish aristocrats among her clients, but hardly any Frenchwomen. Indeed, many of her French clients had perished on the scaffold, leaving their bills unpaid. The Revolution cut Bertin’s career short at the height of her power, and she never recovered financially or emotionally. She died at her country retreat in Épinay-sur-Seine just a few months too soon F A S H I O N 151

summer of 1851 was not completely negative but before long the reality of women publicly wearing trousers brought out underlying fears of gender role reversals. In a society based on male dominance and female submission, men saw the Bloomer costume as a threat to the status quo and male leaders from newspaper editors to ministers decried the fashion. Satirical cartoons depicted Bloomer-clad women as crude louts indulging in the worst male vices or bossy wives holding sway over their husbands.

wear fitted blouses with wrapped skirts similar to the lungyi (sarongs) commonly worn by Burmese women. Vietnam Historically, Vietnam can be divided into three regions: from north to south, Tonkin, Annam, and Cochin China. The northern and central regions were strongly influenced by Chinese culture while vigorously resisting Chinese conquest or political domination over the course of many centuries. Elite dress for both sexes was based on Chinese models, with males of the ruling class wearing

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