East Fortune

East Fortune

James Runcie

Language: English

Pages: 166

ISBN: 1408800861

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jack Henderson, estranged from his ex-wife and grown-up daughters, is involved in a horrific accident. His younger brother Douglas begins an affair with a woman he barely knows, risking everything. And Angus, the eldest of the Henderson boys, finds himself suddenly in freefall having unexpectedly been laid off from his job.

As the three brothers head to their childhood home in East Fortune for their annual summer gathering, they brace themselves against sibling rivalries and parental expectations.

East Fortune is a moving story about life and love, chance and hope, and how families survive.

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at the beginning of every month. The building was situated in a low valley, but the outlook was open and wide, with views from the hills behind the house that stretched out to the Firth of Forth and the North Sea. The sight of the coast was both an end and a beginning: the edge of adventure. Jack’s mother Elizabeth had been born and brought up in the house, marrying Ian Henderson at the age of twenty-five and providing him with three boys: Angus, Jack and Douglas. In return, her husband was

‘Let’s find towels?’ She looked at Jasmine’s sister. ‘Do you know where they are?’ ‘Me show,’ said the girl. They walked back to the house, drying and changing in the scullery. Krystyna did not know whether she would say anything or if the incident would be kept as a secret between them. She tried not to think what it would have been like had she not decided to leave the play: the parental horror, the child floating, attempts at resuscitation, the ambulance called, people standing, activity

put his hand over hers. ‘I know, I know…’ ‘Are you sure you’ve thought about this properly?’ Angus smiled. ‘Of course I haven’t. I’m just trying to be brave.’ ‘And what about the family, your parents?’ ‘They can come and stay. It’ll be an adventure.’ Tessa started to clear away the picnic. ‘I’ll have to think about it, Angus. It’s quite a lot to take in. When will you tell people?’ ‘When we know what we’re going to do and where we might go. I don’t want to worry anyone.’ ‘Or change your

pearls and jewellery, cream and gold, ochre into darkness. The husband was trying to give his wife comfort. Her eyes were past and beyond him, saying, ‘I don’t know … I don’t know.’ She was wearing bracelets of pearls, four twists on her right hand, and one on her left. Douglas could imagine her distracted with her jewellery, playing with the weight of the gold. ‘What if that was us?’ he asked. ‘Look at their hands.’ ‘I can understand being him,’ Douglas said, ‘reaching out…’ ‘They seem so

it: Dear Douglas, Don’t ask me what’s on the other side of this paper. I think it’s dance steps meets nuclear physics. I am killing time before the flight, soaking up the um-pa-pa atmosphere. The brass band has left the stage and now I am confronted with an aerobics performance. Yesterday I went to a small medieval village near by. We took a boat upriver, past the vineyards and a charming industrial area complete with its very own nuclear power plant. But I know you don’t want to hear all this.

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