E-Myth Mastery: The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company

E-Myth Mastery: The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company

Michael E. Gerber

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 0060723238

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The bestselling author of phenomenally successful and continually vital The E-Myth Revisited presents the next big step in entrepreneurial management and leadership with E-Myth Mastery.

A practical, real-world program that is implemented real-time into your business, Gerber begins by engaging the reader in understanding why the entrepreneur is so critical to the success of any enterprise, no matter how small or large it may be, and why the mindset of an entrepreneur is so integral to the operating reality of the organization, of the small business, and the enterprise. He then covers seven essential skills:

  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Money
  • Management
  • Lead Conversion
  • Lead Generation
  • Client Fulfilment

Each of these seven skills is presented through a specific training module with corresponding tests and exercises that explain the content and principles to be learned, provide case studies and examples, as well as worksheets for applying those ideas to the business. Gerber ties it all together by helping readers put the pieces together in an E-Myth Business, an E-Myth Practice and an E-Myth Enterprise.

This is the book that will show you the difference between being an entrepreneur versus doing a job, how to get money when the bank won't give it to you, how to expand your customer base when big business moves in down the street, how to develop the best people when you can't afford to pay them competitive wages, how to increase the predictability of what your business is able to promise, and then how to keep that promise, every single time, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Mastery is a business development program that helps you turn your company into a world-class operation...into a turn-key money machine!

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looks at the world through the eyes of one who is committed to lasting relationships. Without a commitment to lasting relationships, relationships that lead to other relationships with their friends and family, client fulfillment is an empty word. Without a commitment to lasting relationships, no company can call itself, or be called, a World Class Client Fulfillment Company. Without a commitment to providing your client with continual, verifiable value, beyond his expectations, beyond what your

first time. What do I want her to experience?’ Do you get it, Sarah? The experience your customer has, walking in your door for the very first time, is an experience that you as the client fulfillment leader are charged with creating through your leadership of the process. It is a key component of your client fulfillment system. The second benchmark, then, is what happens next to your new customer. She walks in the door and she walks up to the counter, or what? What does she do then? What do you

the release of one’s passion in service of a higher purpose. Building a World Class Company is a commitment to the integration of passion, purpose, and practice. Passion is at the heart of entrepreneurial energy. Without passion, nothing of entrepreneurial significance will happen. So much is said about passion, but so little is really understood. Perhaps because it is so experiential, so emotional, so not of the mind, that it’s so difficult to put into words. But I’m going to try. Passion

customers—larger and more frequent purchases—and increasing customer loyalty. That’s “client re-conversion.” THE UPSIDE AND DOWNSIDE OF CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS There’s an old saying in business: “Your best customer is the one you already have.” It’s true, but only if you keep them happy. If you fail to meet their expectations, they’ll leave. And if the competition offers them something better, they’ll leave. They might give you the benefit of the doubt for a while, but if you don’t deliver

connects the world with the entrepreneurial passion. It connects the passion of the entrepreneur with the world. It is above all what the disciplines are there to do. They are the practice through which the resonance comes alive, finds itself, humming with everything it’s got. They are what the entrepreneur must learn to do. Not once, not for a certain length of time, not first this, then that. But forever. They are the disciplines that never end. Finally, though the seven essential disciplines

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