Due Diligence and the Business Transaction: Getting a Deal Done

Due Diligence and the Business Transaction: Getting a Deal Done

Jeffrey W. Berkman

Language: English

Pages: 292

ISBN: 1430250860

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Due Diligence and the Business Transaction: Getting a Deal Done  is a practical guide to due diligence for anyone buying or selling a privately held business or entering into a major agreement with another company. 

When you’re buying a business, it’s wise to conduct due diligence. That's the process of investigating and verifying the firm’s finances, labor record, exposure to environmental issues, store of intellectual property, hard assets, ownership structure, and much more. If you don’t, you may later stumble into serious, costly problems, or you may pay an inflated price for the business. This book not only shows you how to conduct such an examination and what to look for, but it will also help you uncover hidden issues that some sellers might not want you to know about.

Conversely, this book shows smart business sellers how to conduct due diligence on their own firms to arrive at the right sales price, uncover issues that might scare off buyers or investors, solve lingering problems before a sale, and more. Done right, due diligence can help sellers ensure they sell the business for the best price and with the least risk. Due Diligence and the Business Transaction will help you understand when to conduct due diligence, whom to include, and how to spot the red flags that signal danger. In addition, you will learn:

  • How to conduct due diligence when contemplating a joint venture, business loan, franchise opportunity, or manufacturing deal
  • How to calibrate the correct scope and breadth of the due diligence investigation depending on your situation 
  • How the results of due diligence may and often will change the elements of the final deal
  • How to draft due diligence documents so they protect your interests
  • What successful deals look like

Corporate attorney and due diligence expert Jeffrey W. Berkman interweaves critical action points, guidelines and procedural steps, case studies, and due diligence questionnaires, checklists, and documents. The veteran of many business deals, Berkman's advice will help you avoid business-crippling mistakes and make the best deal possible.

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