Dragon's Triangle (The Shipwreck Adventures)

Dragon's Triangle (The Shipwreck Adventures)

Christine Kling

Language: English

Pages: 494

ISBN: 1477823131

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Maggie Riley has settled into her new life in Thailand, working aboard her sailboat and doing her best to leave the past behind. When she receives a letter from a World War II vet claiming to have served with her grandfather who went missing in action, Riley is once again pulled into the intrigue that tore her family apart and led to the disappearance of her former search partner—and the love of her life.

Armed with the secret code her grandfather left behind, Riley must head to the Philippines to hunt for a mysterious shipwreck, uncover the truth of Yamashita’s gold, and find the answers to old questions about her own family.

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looking like he was about to piss himself. “Come on, old man,” she said. “Follow me.” Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok, Thailand November 17, 2012 Elijah swirled the ice in his glass and then drank the last sip of his watery scotch. The flimsy paper on the table in front of him was printed in multiple languages, but the print was tiny. There wasn’t enough light at his table out on the Riverside Terrace to read the instructions for the little twenty-dollar disposable cell phone he’d

white-gloved Thai traffic cop was trying to move the cars along. He held his palm up toward the pedestrians as he waved the cars along. When Riley stepped off the curb in front of a bright pink taxi, the cop blew his whistle at her. Placing one hand on Peewee’s shoulder, she steered him across the street with her. The taxi screeched to a stop and the driver poked his head out the window and began yelling at her in Thai. She continued at a brisk pace, dodging between and around vehicles as though

that worked. “Listen,” she said at last. “We’re going to be docking on the starboard side in a couple of minutes. You want to make sure there are lines or something?” “Yeah.” He meant to move immediately, but he paused, hoping she would look at him. When she didn’t, he turned away and started for the starboard side of the boat. “And Cole?” He spun around. “Once we get this guy into the ambulance, you’ve got a hell of a lot of explaining to do.” That fist in his chest went all white-knuckled

finally after many rings. “Yes, I know it is early,” Benny said. His cousin groaned and mumbled something unintelligible. Benny didn’t know if he was simply groggy from sleep or already high. After he’d explained the situation, his cousin said he would come in another of his boats and bring a good knife. “You aren’t thinking of going after her, are you?” his cousin asked. “I have to. That is my job.” “You’ll never find her unless you know where she’s going. Do you know where?” “No,” Benny

documents. They were found in the Philippines a few weeks ago. Maybe they point to the Teiyō Maru, so I decided to give it all to you. I’m an old man. I’ve spent my life working for these fools. They haven’t made the world a better place. We’re just as close to Armageddon as ever, probably closer.” “That’s what Cole thinks.” “Sweetheart, this time, I wanted to get some of the treasure for me. There’s this place in Bangkok where I want to be laid to rest when I die. It costs more than I got. So,

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