Dog Loves Books

Dog Loves Books

Louise Yates

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0375864490

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A picture-book treat for the youngest dog lovers.

Dog loves books SO much he opens his very own bookstore. At first he’s short of customers. But that’s all right, because when Dog is surrounded by books, he is never short of friends—or fun. And when customers begin arriving, he knows just which books to recommend.

Louise Yates’s expressive little white dog—and his many expressive doggie customers—extend an irresistible invitation to the very youngest to try reading. It’s fun!

It's All Greek to Me (The Time Warp Trio, Book 8)

SOS, Stories of Survival: True Tales of Disaster, Tragedy, and Courage

Bear Hugs

Fun For Secret Seven (Secret Seven, Book 15)

Judy Moody Predicts the Future (Judy Moody, Book 4)

Baxter (The Puppy Place, Book 19)














and librarians, for a variety of teaching tools, visit us at Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Yates, Louise. Dog loves books / Louise Yates. — 1st American ed. p. cm. Originally published: Great Britain : Jonathan Cape, 2010. Summary: Dog loves books so much that he decides to open a book store. eISBN: 978-0-375-98479-2 [1. Dogs—Fiction. 2. Books and reading—Fiction.] I. Title. PZ7.Y276Do 2010 [E]—dc22 2009011097 The illustrations in this

book were created using pencil and watercolor. Random House Children’s Books supports the First Amendment and celebrates the right to read. v3.1 For Eleanor and Cedric Contents Cover Title Page Copyright Dedication First Page About the Author Dog loved books. He loved the smell of them, and he loved the feel of them. He loved everything about them.… Dog loved books so much that he decided to open his own bookstore. He unwrapped, unpacked, and

stacked the books, ready for the Grand Opening. When the day of the Grand Opening finally came, Dog had a bath, dried his fur, blew his nose, and threw open the door to greet his new customers. But there was no one there. So Dog tried to keep busy. And then… a lady came into the store. “I’ll have a tea with milk and two sugars,” she said. “I’m sorry,” said Dog, “But this is a bookstore. I only sell books.” The lady walked out. Dog was

alone. He waited and waited. Then a man came into the store… to ask for directions. When he left, Dog was downhearted. But not for long! He wouldn’t wait a moment more. Dog fetched a book from the shelf and began to read. When he read, he forgot that he was waiting. When he read, he forgot that he was alone. When he read, he forgot that he was in the bookstore. And when one adventure ended, Dog simply took another book down from the shelf and… a

up and the pictures either tell you something that the text hasn’t or something totally different,” she writes. Her first picture book, A Small Surprise, is an inspired example of those moments of silence when the pictures have their say. In its rave review of A Small Surprise, Kirkus Reviews predicted that it “will be sure to have readers in stitches.… Yates’s debut is one of those books that grows on readers with repetition. Small children who feel they aren’t big enough to do anything will

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