Cosmopolitan [ZA] (June 2015)

Cosmopolitan [ZA] (June 2015)

Language: English

Pages: 164

ISBN: 2:00288025

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cosmopolitan, South Africa Edition, June 2015

Nazi 'Chic'?: Fashioning Women in the Third Reich (Dress, Body, Culture)

Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion: Design & Sew 5 Complete Outfits

The Wardrobe Wakeup: Your Guide to Looking Fabulous at Any Age

Harper's Bazaar - (February 2013)

Esquire [UK] (April 2014)














you is worth more than the money they spend at your boutique.’ 46 COSMOPOLITAN | JUNE 2015 COSMOPOLITAN.CO.ZA For use by only. Distribution prohibited. YOUniverse | Your Career FA S HI O N A N D B E A U T Y B L O G GE R CANDICE-LEE KANNEMEYER MAKEUP DESIGNER SYLVIE HURFORD THE JOB ‘As makeup designer for L’Oréal Paris South Africa, I’m involved in everything from makeup on editorial shoots and product selection to presenting talks and master classes to the industry

that ever happen in real life? WE’RE PRIMED BY POP CULTURE TO THINK WE’LL MEET THE GUY AND “JUST KNOW”. IN REALITY, YOU PROBABLY ALREADY KNOW HIM We’re very quick to dismiss people and put them in the ‘friends’ category, especially if they’re mutual friends or they’ve dated someone we know. ‘Our 20s are the time to have fun, explore and date people without the goal of marriage,’ says Goldstein – but once we’ve done that for a while, we’re looking for things that are different, and that’s when we

dating would think that was weird. What do you do when some poor guy you’re on a second date with has been going down on you for 45 minutes and it’s just not gonna happen? Tap him on the head and be like, ‘Hey, time’s up; I guess you’re not a real man who can satisfy me’? No way. As my relationship with one guy got serious, I became trapped in my own lie, having trained him to think I could come easily and fast. He’d finish and whisper, ‘That was great.’ I’d concur but secretly be horny and

TOGRAP ER H FAS NOVA Y DAM HIO N PO CREATIV ON FOU R E PPY EVA MANAG IE/ NS EME NT Top R699. Rosie jeans R799. Necklace R249. Bag R649. Boots R899 For use by only. Distribution prohibited. Poncho R999. Poppy jeans R799. Bag R649. Boots R899 Candice wears top R199. Knitted top R799. Alexa jeans R899. Earrings R149. Bracelets R199 per set. Heels R749 Alyssa wears top R399. Coat R1 699. Rosie jeans R799. Earrings R79. Ring (part of Erica Sleek set) R249. Boots R899 For

CONDITIONS Skirt R699, River Island 21 March – 20 April YOUR MONTH Work on your ideas for making your home as happy as possible, then start putting everything into action a er the 22nd. Saturn is urging you to be more responsible with your money. Your love life might lack romance – but there is plenty of sex. YOU NEED a pair of sexy ankle boots to warm up your winter. ARIES GUY He’ll be focused on his family – give him support without seeming bossy or manipulative. Encourage him to be

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