Color Me Beautiful

Color Me Beautiful

Carole Jackson

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0345345886

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Using simple guidelines, professional color consultant Carole Jackson helps you choose the thirty shades that make you look smashing. COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL will also help you: develop your color personality; learn to perfect your make-up color; discover your clothing personality; use color to solve specific figure problems, and more, including full-color palettes containing the thirty shades for each season--pages you can cut out to carry when you shop!

Why Women Wear What they Wear

Fashion: Thinking with Style (Philosophy for Everyone)












I promise you that color has more impact than you ever imagined! Artists have studied its secrets and use them to make their masterpieces come alive. The world’s most beautiful women—and men—have discovered its power to make the world regard them with awe. Why do you picture Elizabeth Taylor in vivid, clear colors—royal blue, emerald green—and Candice Bergen in pastels? Why did your friend look fabulous on Monday, yet why did you walk right past her on Tuesday without saying hello because you

can actually cause your skin to sag. FOUNDATION Foundation, or makeup base, derives from two basic tones: rose (cool) and yellow (warm). Winters and Summers wear foundations with a rose base, while Autumns and Springs wear those with a yellow base. How do you tell the difference between a warm yellow beige and a cool rose beige? First, ask. Often the saleswoman knows her line well and is aware of yellow and rose bases, if she doesn’t know, the name of the foundation can sometimes (though

orange tone of her hair, or let her correct makeup clash with her hair. This beautiful Summer, who had not looked bad with her “mousy” blonde hair, now looked terrible. All she had needed were her colors. A Summer’s face comes to life when she wears her palette, and her hair will look livelier, too. Summers and Winters, the cool seasons, should always strive for ash tones in their hair. Autumns and Springs, with their warm skin tones, will look best in golden or reddish tones. Winter: Most

turtleneck to a dressy chiffon. The versatile cotton velveteen fabric of the skirt lent itself to dressing up or down. “I was shopping for several parties and thought I would have to spend much more to fill so many needs,” she added. “I already have the right shoes, evening bag, and jewelry, according to my wardrobe plan. I can’t believe how well my wardrobe is falling into place.” Because you undoubtedly have some colors in your closet that are not from your palette, your wardrobe will not be

Accessories 12 Uncluttering Your Closet 13 Shopping Sanely 14 Let Yourself Glow THE MAGIC OF COLOR WHEN I WAS A YOUNG GIRL, I WANTED SO MUCH TO BE PRETTY. Studying myself in the mirror, I saw a pale, colorless face and decided that I really wasn’t pretty at all. While the powder blue uniform required at my school made some of the girls look great, it did nothing for me. It in fact made me look gray, dull, and lifeless. The color of that daily uniform robbed me of some potentially good

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