Classic Hairstyles for Men - An Illustrated Guide To Men's Hair Style, Hair Care & Hair Products

Classic Hairstyles for Men - An Illustrated Guide To Men's Hair Style, Hair Care & Hair Products

Antonio Centeno, Geoffrey Cubbage

Language: English

Pages: 66


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A hair guide for men? Over 50 pages of men's hair descriptions and images from the writers of "Real Men Real Style." Everything you need to know to get the most out of your hairstyle, in one easy-to-read book fully illustrated.

"Classic Hairstyles for Men" takes an in-depth look at the health and structure of hair, detailing over twenty individual styles as well as hair products, colors and textures, and much more.

With custom drawings and writing from the authors of the successful "Real Men Real Style" website, this is the perfect resource for any man who's ever wanted stylish hair or is considering changing his look and needs inspiration.

Fast, easy to read, and accessible, this is your one stop shop for classic men's hairstyles.

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means it's a little longer on the sides than the very top of the head, with everything combed straight up (and usually stiffened with product). The result is, as the name implies, a flat horizontal plane all the way across the top of the head. Some styles will round it out a bit around the edges, while others go for as sharp and boxy a shape as possible. Flat tops are a fairly casual style. You'll see them on entertainers and celebrities from time to time, as well as athletes.

Medium-Length Cuts Bowl Cut An even-length style where the hair is left long on the top of the head, and then cut off at the same height all the way around the head, generally at about eye-level. The result is a "bowl" of hair on top of the head, falling to the same height all the way around. Because the style is so easy to do (simply cut at the same height all the way around the head), it's associated with home haircuts, and often with small children who got their bowl cuts from their

eyes, off the back of the neck, and above the ears. The business cut is the go-to for a lot of professional men. How it looks can depend a lot on the shape of your head, the body of your hair, and what product you use in it. As long as you keep it neat it's acceptable pretty much anywhere -- the biggest risk with it is looking generic, not looking inappropriate. Ivy League A shorter variation of the business cut, parted to one side or the other and generally worn with gel or a similar

off solidly across the bottom. It's usually done with scissors followed up with trimmers. It's easy, but starts to look raggedy fast, so be prepared to do some trimming at home or to make some follow-up visits to keep it neat.  A rounded neckline has a gentle arch shape at the bottom. It's longest right in the middle of the neck, and sweeps up a bit to the sides. It's a little less chunky-looking that the blocked style, but otherwise about the same.  A tapered neckline uses the trimmers

(without wax or other products) is rugged, simple, and timelessly manly. You might not be able to get away with it in very conservative business settings, but most places will accept it so long as it's neatly trimmed. It is, however, easy for a beard of this size to start getting out of hand, and you can move into lumberjack territory very quickly if you're not careful. Keep it trimmed, either with an electric razor or small scissors, or by passing a safety razor a few inches from the skin.

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