Circle of Flight (The Ellie Chronicles, Book 3)

Circle of Flight (The Ellie Chronicles, Book 3)

John Marsden

Language: English

Pages: 174


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The wait is over for the conclusion to John Marsden's thrilling Ellie Chronicles!

Ellie is a fighter. She has faith in her own abilities. But she's not Superwoman. Not all battles can be won with a gun and bullets, and never has she faced enemies so ruthless or so brutal. Whether she has friends at her side or stands alone, for Ellie, enemies are everywhere. Life as she knows it is about to change.

John Marsden's explosive finale to The Ellie Chronicles pushes Ellie to the edge in a tense, gripping, and completely surprising conclusion.


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soldiers would stop the carts and search them . . . Was that happening right now? I was hot and very thirsty, and could smell my own sweat. I longed to stretch out my legs before they cramped. The poly pipe wasn’t much use as a periscope because I couldn’t twist it to get a view. All I saw was the sky. It was still dark outside though. I rubbed the backs of my legs, trying to get some circulation happening. The more I thought about it the worse it got, like with everything. Then I felt the truck

of the corridor and opened the next door. Behind me the girl opened the first door. I heard her start to say something, but even as she drew breath for the words I was through the next door and closing it again. Now I was in their sitting room. God this was embarrassing. Another funky-looking girl was there and a thin pale-faced guy who looked British. Who the hell was he? ‘Just looking for the toilet, sorry,’ I said, and went on by while they looked at me like I was a complete freak. This was

corridor again. There was now a strip of light under a second door, the one next to the guy I’d seen earlier. I ignored that and turned to the door just down a little way and on my right. The thought of opening every door in the house disturbed me, but I couldn’t think of any other way to go about this. I squeezed the handle and nudged it, listening carefully. I decided on the spot that I’d try a new policy. I’d open each door and see if I got a Gavin vibe. If not I’d close it and continue. I

I asked him. ‘What’s the best way to get out of here? Will we go now, like, straightaway?’ He stared back at me dumbly as if he hadn’t understood a word. But I knew that wasn’t the problem. I think he had been there so long that he just couldn’t contemplate taking action. I asked him again, ‘Will we go now?’ but he just trembled and shook his head. So I made the decision for both of us. ‘Let’s go,’ I said. I switched the light off and eased open the door. It seemed amazing that nothing outside

time we got an injured bird, especially if it was a raptor. I did this all the time at the tip. It was the big disadvantage of having your own rubbish dump. You always had the choice of getting something back again. When it was gone forever, out of your life, when you’d kissed it goodbye, when you’d finally achieved closure – well, you knew it was really just over the hill and you could always go and retrieve it if you changed your mind. Gavin was a shocker. Whenever I chucked anything of his out

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