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1539- In a remote Spanish outpost, one man holds the secret to the greatest treasure and deadliest secret in human history. Utah, Present Day Cave paintings in a newly-discovered Indian site provide evidence that Christ visited the New World. Or do they? Dane Maddock returns in another unforgettable adventure! When Dane rescues beautiful archaeologist Jade Ihara , he joins her on asearch for the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola. Cibola takes the reader on a journey across the American southwest, where the ruins of the mysterious Anasazi hide deadly secrets, and foes lurk around every corner. Dane and his partner "Bones" Bonebrake must decipher clues from the fabled Copper Scroll, outwit their enemies, and be the first to unlock the secret of Cibola.

Alone in Antarctica: The First Woman To Ski Solo Across The Southern Ice

Tunnels (Tunnels, Book 1)

Going Dark (The Red, Book 3)

The African Queen











descent. Not wanting to leave any evidence behind, Dane took the ropes loose and dropped them down to Jade. He looked back at the Sikorsky and found that it still seemed headed directly toward them, and it was coming fast. There was no way he could make the free climb to the bottom before it was upon them. He knew he was being overcautious, but his instinct told him that the black bird on the horizon was bad news. “Go on! I’ll catch up!” he shouted down to Jade and Saul. She put a hand to her

hear. He knew, though, that Amanda would detect his lie. She was the sharpest woman he’d ever known. Plus, for the first time in his life, the idea of lying to a woman really bothered him. “I promise that if it makes sense for you to… shoot people, I’ll let you fight. But you’re going to have to promise me that you won’t argue if I tell you otherwise.” He could tell she was going to protest, but he raised his voice. “I’m not old-fashioned about much, but your safety comes before mine. Always.”

the myriad of thoughts that coursed through his mind. He had scoffed at the sign at the trailhead warning hikers of the potential danger this path posed, but now he saw the truth. The long, steep hike, particularly the switchbacks, had been challenging but not dangerous. This stretch was different. The ground seemed to flee from them as they crossed the narrow stone path. He could now see how several hikers a year managed to lose their lives on this perilous course. Why would anyone other than a

they never knew about the solstice connections, or any of our speculation. We were a little off regarding the site at Hovenweep, so we unintentionally threw them a curve there. And you guys held back the information about Rainbow Bridge until we were already there.” “We thought Saul was the mole,” Amanda said, “but we weren’t sure.” Jade nodded. “When Jimmy made the connection that led to Zion,” Jade continued, “I reported in that all the pieces were in place. I believed Saul that the

all connected. “Elder, you have the wrong translation of the final clue.” He held out little hope that the man would listen to reason, but he had to try. “It should read ‘…the ten is impure.’ Not the tenth. The ten.” “Meaningless.” The Elder gave him a dismissive glance. His eyes flitted back to the platform and a beatific smile spread across his face. “The wealth of the treasure is a mere pittance compared to the power the Dominion will now wield.” “You can’t even touch it!” Dane

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