Callsign: Knight - Book 1 (a Shin Dae-Jung - Chess Team Novella)

Callsign: Knight - Book 1 (a Shin Dae-Jung - Chess Team Novella)

Jeremy Robinson, Ethan Cross

Language: English

Pages: 136

ISBN: 0984042342

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When a team of Delta operators goes missing in Shenhuang, one of China's newly constructed ghost cities, Shin Dae-jung-Callsign: Knight, is called in to assist. But the Osprey transporting him to the scene falls prey to an EMP attack and is forced to crash land atop a parking garage. With a wounded pilot in tow, Knight explores the empty city for signs of life and finds two terrified children who warn him that something monstrous is stalking the city. When the pilot disappears, leaving a pool of b lood and spent bullet casings behind, Knight doesn't doubt their story. As bullets fly and bodies drop, Knight must protect the children, uncover the fate of the missing Delta team and defend against an unstoppable killer whose ability to regenerate and whose horrible appearance reminds him of something he's faced before-the mythological Hydra. But he's not alone in the surreal abandoned city. A team of SAS soldiers, along with Anna Beck, a former member of Manifold Genetics' private security force, join the fray. Together, they fight against a nightmare that follows its objective to the end: kill them all.

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thousand dollar Brioni cream silk suit and printed silk shirt. With the bleeding contained, he pulled Mueller from the wreckage and propped him against the far wall of the parking structure. “Sit tight. I’m going to grab some supplies.” He climbed back into the downed Osprey’s cabin and searched the mess for anything that they might need. He assumed that they were close to the rendezvous point, but they were also in hostile territory. He needed weapons. The back half of the cabin contained a

“You’ve got a beautiful smile,” he said. “Wouldn’t mind seeing it on a more regular basis.” The eyes narrowed, but the grin remained. “I bet you would.” “After all this is over, maybe we could take a little trip together. I know a private spot in the Cambodian jungle where two waterfalls meet. At sunset, the rays of light shine through the falls and create the most beautiful rainbow you’ve ever seen. I’d love to show it to you.” Beck stuck her finger down her throat and made a gagging sound.

alone in his cell, he had had ample opportunity to look back on his life and the choices that he had made along the way. He now knew that his involvement with Manifold Genetics, and in turn, this project were mistakes so large that they exceeded his ability to ever rectify them. He had been blinded by his own ego, among other things: breaking new ground in science, ushering the world into a new era, leaving behind a legacy, fortune and glory. The road to hell truly was paved with good intentions.

reforming. It would be granted a second’s worth of sight, and then the darkness came again. Then the process repeated itself over and over. But then, through the flames, it saw something ahead. A dock. A lake. Water. It charged blindly forward until it felt the ground disappear beneath its feet. Then the cool water washed over it, extinguishing the flames. Relief flooded its mind along with other strange emotions that it could not fully comprehend. It allowed itself to sink slowly below the

noticeable tremor. “There is no hostage,” he said. “There were no other cars out front. Now, you put your hands where I can see them, or I swear to God in heaven, I will put a bullet right between your eyes.” Jim wasn’t convinced by Tom’s statement, and neither did it seem to influence Ackerman. He knew that Ackerman would have most likely stashed his own car in back, in order to keep up the appearance of being the attendant. If some woman had stopped and come across the killer, he would have

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