Callsign: Bishop - Book 1 (an Erik Somers - Chess Team Novella) (Jack Sigler Thrillers)

Callsign: Bishop - Book 1 (an Erik Somers - Chess Team Novella) (Jack Sigler Thrillers)

Jeremy Robinson

Language: English

Pages: 122

ISBN: 0984042326

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An Iranian terrorist cell has gotten their hands on weaponized Ergot-B-a compound that causes violent hysteria, madness and death within 24 hours-and plan to unleash the weapon on major cities around the world. Successful deployment would begin a bloodbath, as those exposed would kill everyone they encountered before succumbing to the compound's lethal effects. Erik Somers-Callsign: Bishop, is called in to investigate, but his first discovery shocks him to the core. Dawoud Abbasi, the terrorist leader planning to unleash Ergot-B, is his biological father. Bishop, along with an undercover Delta operator known as Callsign: Joker, race across the unforgiving Iranian desert in search of the Ergot-B. Seeking answers, both professional and personal, Bishop must fight against a private securtiy force, Iranian Special Forces and men driven mad by Ergot-B. With the life of his biological mother in the balance, and countless more people in cities around the world, Bishop must call on all his strength to not only survive, but also stop the man revealed as his father-even if that means killing him.

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the aftereffects of the drugs to slow him down. He wheezed and coughed, but kept running, even after he lost sight of Dawoud again. After a few minutes, his steps slowed. The passages of Naqsh e-Rustam were larger and more complex than he would have thought. He tried to remember where he was through the growing fog in his brain. Had he taken a right or a left back there? He couldn’t remember. He was completely turned around. Still, he kept going. Dawoud could not escape. He would not allow it.

Duncan asked. “That is the molecule of ergotamine, a complex alkaloid found in ergot, and just one of the many such alkaloids contained in the fungus. The effects of ergotamine on the human system are wide and varied, but include vivid hallucinations, irrational behavior, convulsions and even death. Mankind has been using it as a poison for thousands of years. The ancient Assyrians used it to poison the wells of their enemies as far back as 2400 BC.” “What was Ridley doing with it?” Jacobs

sight of whale blood. Call me a cocksucker in sign language and I'll throw red paint at you—or worse if I can get my hands on you. Kill a whale and I'll take notes. I believe in the cause—in a world full of cows, why hunt endangered or even threatened creatures? But I've lived all around the world, have eaten most meats imaginable, including—gasp—whale, and I've seen more than a few animals slaughtered. It's the circle of life. Hakuna matata. Pass the A1. I haven't had a bite of meat since

foot ship. Chase's smile turns fiendish, and I know I've been duped. I curse myself for not looking at the bottle before I threw it and ask, "What was it? What did I throw?" "Butyric acid," he says. "Acid!" He's laughing now, and I suddenly wonder if he's sane. The FBI might have been a better choice for this undercover mission. Of course, we're in Greenland's waters and the Sentinel is registered in the Netherlands so I think this would actually be the CIA's jurisdiction. But the CIA is too

than done. *** Inside the airport, two men stood by a souvenir shop and watched as the latest round of passengers exited the gate. A steady stream of people walked through the door, including several Americans, an Asian couple, and a group of Hispanics, all walking side by side with the Muslims who belonged here and those that did not. Ordinarily the two would be watching for freedom fighters, but today was different. Today their attention was focused on one visitor in particular: a large,

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