Byte (June 1986)

Byte (June 1986)

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 2:00212651

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Vol. 11, issue 6.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 A Beginners Guide (5th Edition)

Pentaho Data Integration Cookbook (2nd Edition)

Raspberry Pi Hacks: Tips & Tools for Making Things with the Inexpensive Linux Computer

MySQL High Availability: Tools for Building Robust Data Centers

New Perspectives on Microsoft Excel 2010

QOS-Enabled Networks: Tools and Foundations (Wiley Series in Communication Networking and Distributed Systems)





















leamed as you go. And all along, you're acnlally using REFLEX. With the help of FastStal1, even the most inexperienced user can stat1 producing with REFLEX, fast. McGRAW-Hill Itnl. lirlining Systems PO. Box 641, Del Mar, CA 92014 the fast way to learn your software. REfLEX is a tradema rk ofBOR1..\ N[)/Ana1~·1ica Inc. MS·DOS is a registered trademark of Mic rosoft Corporation. dBas(' II , dBasc Ill, and Mu h i~l atc are t radclllark.~ of Ashton·Tatc. Lotus \-2·j and SymphollYarc trademark...,

trademark 01 AST Research Corp. Liberty is a trademark 01 Ouadram Corp. Hercules is a 'rademark 01 Hercules Compuler Tech. PFS: File is a registered trademark 01 Sal1ware Publishing Corp. IBM is a regislered trademark 01 tn~lfIa t ional Business Machines Corp. Copyright '986 Borland InternalionaJ 81-1052 Inq ui ry 50 fo r End-Users. Inquiry 51 for DEALERS O NLY. • call (800) 255-8008 • S __ S__ • _Upgl3delol .lar>JWorkslJopaISS9.9S $ __ • • -~!':,:~e~~a;:;'~i~') S_ • •

first. and then I'll look at a full SCSI implementation . SELECTION PROCESS Since the system contains a single host and th e peripherals are not capable of disconnection and reselection . the host is the on ly bus master and can enter the selection phase without arbitrating. It does this by asserting SEL and the data bit of the device being selected (the disk drive). The peripheral dev ice operating as a bus target asserts BSY to complete the selection process. To accomp li sh this with th e NCR

is a subdirectory. If it is, the program pushes that subdirectory's information onto the stack. After the program processes each directory block, line 210 checks to see if that block is the last block of the current directory. If not. execution loops back to line 120 to read and process the next block; otherwise execution continues with line 220. When program execution reaches 124 BY T E • JUNE 1986 line 220, variable CO contains the number of directory entries stored in NA$, DR$ contains the

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