Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes

Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes

Alice Schertle

Language: English

Pages: 40

ISBN: 0152050507

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Did you actually think shoes, jackets, and hats didn't have personalitites? Think again! The outfits in this book are brought to vivid life by Alice Schertle's wry poetry and Petra Mathers's exuberant cast of young animal characters. From Joshua's cozy jammies to Emily's frilly undies, the duds on display in this perfectly stitched poetry collection are as unique as the critters who wear them.

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Button Up! Wrinkled Rhymes by Alice Schertle * * * BUTTON UP! Wrinkled Rhymes by Alice Schertle Pictures by Petra Mathers HARCOURT CHILDREN'S BOOKS HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT NEW YORK 2009 * * * To Spence, Dylan, Jen, Drew, Kate, and John: Don't forget your jackets—A. S. For Ruby, Oscar, and Ezra, at Night in their jammies—P. M. Text copyright © 2009 by Alice Schertle Illustrations copyright © 2009 by Petra Mathers All rights reserved. No part of this publication

jammies for tigers with knots in their tails, not jammies for chickens, not jammies for whales, not jammies for elephants going upstairs, we are the jammies that Joshua wears. We don't fit iguanas, we're not for the gnu, we won't suit the llamas (they never wear blue). Hippopotamus can't get us over his head. We're JOSHUA'S jammies. We're going to bed. Tanya's Old T-Shirt I live in a bucket shoved under a stair. They call me a dust rag! I don't think it's fair. I'm still the

the hook! Take me out! Shake me out! How do I look? Arm in the left sleeve, arm in the right. Button up! Button up! Button up TIGHT! Snap! goes the collar under Bill's chin. Everybody holler, BILL'S ALL IN! Everybody clap your hands, everybody shout, Bill's got his jacket on, LET'S GO OUT!

32887-6777. Harcourt Children's Books is an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. www.hmhbooks.com Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Schertle, Alice. Button up!/Alice Schertle; Illustrations by Petra Mathers. p. cm. 1. Children's clothing—Poetry. I. Mathers, Petra, ill. II.Title. PS3569.C48435B88 2009 811'.54—dc22 2007042839 ISBN 978-0-15-205050-4 First edition H G F E D C B A Printed in Singapore The Illustrations in this book were done in

watercolor on Arches 300 lb. cold-press paper. The display type was set in Kosmik Bold One. The text type was set in Kosmick Plain One. Color separations by Colourscan Co, Pte., Ltd., Singapore Printed and bound by Tien Wah Press, Singapore Production Supervision by Pascha Gerlinger Designed by Jennifer Jackman and Michele Wetherbee * * * CONTENTS Bertie's Shoelaces [>] Violet's Hiking Hat [>] The Song of Harvey's Galoshes [>] Emily's Undies [>] Bob's Bicycle Helmet [>]

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