Business Productivity Strategies for Success (Collection)

Business Productivity Strategies for Success (Collection)

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A brand new collection of 4 authoritative guides to improving your business productivity!


4 authoritative books help you supercharge your business productivity and effectiveness – today, every day, for years to come!


This extraordinary collection of books will help you get better – way better! – at the tasks that can make or break your career! Start with time management: Attack Your Day presents crucial “activity management” skills and 101 productivity strategies for achieving unprecedented effectiveness, and moving relentlessly towards your greatest life goals. Learn to dramatically improve the way you prioritize activities… organize inherently more productive days… make sure the most important tasks get done… overcome procrastination forever… know how to “turn on a dime” without sacrificing focus … learn how and when to say NO to interruptions! Next, Taking Flight! reveals profound hidden patterns of human behavioral style, helping you gain deeper self-awareness, maximize your personal strengths, and influence others. Learn how to use the proven DISC model of human behavior to become a more effective leader, salesperson, or teacher; revitalize your career; and build deeper relationships. Discover why you “click” with some people and “clank” with others, and what really drives you! Then, create your own personal action plan for making the most of your strengths, working around weaknesses, and supercharging your personal performance. In Winning Strategies for Power Presentations, legendary presentations coach Jerry Weissman distills 75 best practices he’s developed through 20+ years coaching executives on high-stakes presentations. Weissman shares powerful new insights into contents, graphics, delivery, Q&A sessions, and more. He offers new advice on making persuasive political and scripted speeches, developing a richer public speaking voice, interviewing others, demonstrating products, and much more. Every technique is illuminated with a compelling case study, reflecting experiences of communicators ranging from Ronald Reagan to Jon Stewart, Stephen King to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. Finally, The Truth About Getting the Best From People, Second Edition brings together 60+ proven principles for achieving employee engagement one-hundred percent of the time. This new edition features more than 15 new truths including: managing virtual teams, building persuasive skills, tuning into your own unconscious biases, managing multiple generations, and identifying and cultivating individual high performers. Whatever your leadership role, this collection will supercharge your effectiveness – and your career!


From world-renowned business productivity experts Mark Woods, Trapper Woods, Merrick Rosenberg, Daniel Silvert, Jerry Weissman, and Martha I. Finney


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handle tricky questions: Mr. Bryant asked two chief executives—Kevin O’Connor of and Paul Maritz of VMware—about the tough questions they ask prospective employees. Both men referenced questions that, on the surface, appeared to be deceptively easy. Mr. O’Connor said, “I try to give them a question that feels like a two-by-four between the eyes,” and he cited as an example, “How smart are you?”1 At first, this question may sound more like a free pass than a two-by-four, but it

should neutralize your inner yes-man by exploring exciting ideas outside the safe, and ever-so-reassuring, confines of your own skull. But if you’re sharing all your thoughts with just your direct reports, you may be exchanging your internal cheerleader for a whole cadre of people who are, in fact, paid to tell you you’re brilliant. If you want real, brutally honest feedback on your latest ideas, build a team of friends and authorities who aren’t counting on your goodwill for their rent money.

meeting. Allow a little extra buffer time, too, because we are often stopped by a coworker in a hallway, and there is always the possibility of a traffic jam. Punctuality communicates to others: “I’m a professional and you are important to me.” Tardiness sends another message. Make it a point to always be early to appointments and make it fun. Schedule appointments at off times like 9:58 a.m., or 12:22 p.m.; my favorite is 5:55 p.m. #20. Avoid the Ricochet Effect and Stay on Task The

The inability to say no when it’s appropriate is the first cousin to overwhelm. #37. Try Paper Priority Piling to Clear That Cluttered Desk Like to dig your desk out from underneath piles of paper? Set aside an hour where you can work free of interruptions. Go through each paper, one at a time, and sort them into three stacks. Create a red stack for papers that are vital and need immediate attention. Build a green stack for papers that are important, and a yellow stack for papers of

color. Meanwhile, the owls were still busy crafting perfectly worded interview questions. Chapter 7. Reconnaissance Two days later, everyone convened at the Council Tree to report their findings. Clark fixed his eyes on the parrot representatives. “Indy and Ivy, what did you find out?” “Let me tell you,” replied Indy excitedly. “We got tons of information!” “Loads of good stuff,” added Ivy. “For starters, we saw a pack of wolves at the scene.” “I don’t think wolves took down a tree,”

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