Blaze The Ice Dragon (Beast Quest, Book 23)

Blaze The Ice Dragon (Beast Quest, Book 23)

Michael Ford, Adam Blade

Language: English

Pages: 26

ISBN: 1408303817

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fifth book in the fourth series of the exciting adventure stories that are as gripping as a computer game! Great for boys, with a huge collectability factor bolstered by the collectors' cards in the back of the books, and links to an excellent interactive website.

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to you.” But the horse didn’t slow. “Stop. Please!” Tom guided Storm to stand sideways across the path. The horse drew up in front of them. The rider was slumped in the saddle and only now turned his head slowly toward them. Tom recoiled when he saw the scabs covering the man’s face. Silver let out a whine of unease. “Are you all right?” Elenna asked the man. “Go back,” the sick man whispered. “Rokwin is doomed.” With those words, his eyes closed and he slipped from the saddle like a sack

chimneys of the low houses, and no one walked the streets. A flash of movement caught his eye. Behind a large storehouse, a crowd of townspeople were gathered. But something was wrong. They walked in aimless circles, bumping into one another and falling over. Their faces were like the dead rider’s — pale, with oozing sores. Some awful disease had infected the whole village. With a troubled heart, Tom walked back to Elenna. “What did you see?” she asked. He told her the fate of the unfortunate

stop.” “Or they blocked the road on purpose,” said Tom. The trunk was as wide as he was tall. Skirting the fallen tree would be almost impossible, as the path was narrow and the land bordering them on either side was sheer and rocky. “We’ll have to turn back,” said Elenna. “We can’t,” Tom replied. “There’s no other way to Stonewin.” He patted Storm’s neck. “What do you think, boy? Think you can clear that trunk?” Storm tossed his mane, and stamped his front hooves. Tom knew he could rely on

told him to never, ever reveal the truth of his Quests to anyone. “A dragon!” he said. “Do they really exist?” “I saw it with my own eyes,” said Derlot. “A dragon that breathes ice instead of fire. My herbs to cure the ill were destroyed because of him.” Elenna and Tom shared a look. Did this explain the frozen ponds and icicles on the trees? Was Blaze responsible? “If you don’t believe me,” said Derlot, “I can show you my herb garden. I just hope the dragon doesn’t return.” “Let’s go,” said

the ice and escape. But his voice, like the rest of him, was paralyzed. No, he would have to handle this on his own. Somehow, he would have to move. His brain told him it was impossible, but his heart told him otherwise. Tom sent his shadow running to the far side of the cavern, and Blaze followed. While they were busy, Tom channeled all his willpower into making his frozen limbs move. He felt a sweat break out all over his body, and his heart thundered in his chest. He managed to make his

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