Bears Beware (Zigzag Kids)

Bears Beware (Zigzag Kids)

Patricia Reilly Giff

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0375859136

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Mitchell really doesn't want to go camping with the other kids at the Zigzag Afternoon Center. Sleeping in the woods with creepy crawly things, coyotes, and bears? Yikes! But his best friend Habib is going, and it's Mitchell's birthday that weekend. He's just got to find a way to be brave, and scare the bears away!
As the fifth book in the Zigzag Kids series—which also includes Number One Kid, Big Whopper, Flying Feet, and Star TimeBears Beware continues to delight readers with award-winning author Patricia Reilly Giff's quirky, lovable group of kids, capturing all the excitement and surprises of new friends and after-school fun.

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Mrs. Farelli liked to be the only finger snapper in the Center. Mitchell looked up at the stage. He put on his listening face. He thought about an adventure for Gary Bopper. Fighting a giant grizzly bear. The bear had claws that were sharp as knives. Mitchell shivered. Everyone began to clap. Mitchell sat up straight. “… old enough to leave home now,” Ellie was saying. What? Mitchell didn’t want to leave home. His mother would miss him. Who’d help his father carry out the trash? Who’d

and combat boots. He still looked like a grandfather. “Hurry, everyone,” Mr. Oakley said. “We don’t want to miss a moment of fun.” “I can’t hurry too much,” Habib said. “I have a giant bag.” Mitchell looked down. Habib’s bag was elephant-sized. “What do you have in there?” “A bunch of food. Cupcakes. Chicken,” Habib said. “My mother doesn’t want me to starve.” Lucky, Mitchell thought. Habib leaned over. “My mother put in Bugs Be Gone, too. Nothing will go near it.” “Does it work for snakes

Maybe “Bears beware!” The bus screeched to a stop. “Everyone off,” called the bus driver. Mitchell scrubbed at the dusty window. They weren’t at the Nature Center. He could still see the school. “The bus broke down,” Habib said. “We’re almost there,” Mr. Oakley said. “We’ll have to walk.” “What about all this stuff?” Ellie asked. “Don’t worry,” said Mrs. Farelli. “The Afternoon Center boys and girls are strong as bulls.” Lucky Mrs. Farelli. She looked like a bull. Big and tough. No animal

thought. Something wonderful? A couple of days off from school? Owen grinned. “Oatmeal bars with raisins for dessert.” Gross, Mitchell thought. “I helped my grandmother make them. Stuck my fingers in the dough a thousand times,” Owen said. “I ate a bunch of raisins. The cookies are all wrapped up now so ants and things can’t get to them.” Mitchell took a step away from him. It was too horrible to think about. Mitchell walked along. He looked back. What had happened to Owen? He heard a

bad. Everyone else in the world could whistle. Even Angel. He heard something. It wasn’t a bird. Not unless the bird was a hundred pounds. Mitchell stopped on one foot. The sound stopped, too. Was an animal stalking him? Last night he’d watched a movie on TV. It was the scariest thing he’d ever seen. Angel hadn’t thought it was scary. She’d sat on the couch. She’d put polish all over her nails. In the movie, the good guy had tried to hide. But he couldn’t find a place. Mitchell looked

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