Aztec Gold: (Alicia Myles 1) (Volume 1)

Aztec Gold: (Alicia Myles 1) (Volume 1)

David Leadbeater

Language: English

Pages: 252

ISBN: 1503381323

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Aztec Gold, starring Alicia Myles, the tempestuous heroine of the bestselling Matt Drake novels, kicks off a rip-roaring new archaeological adventure series from David Leadbeater. One of the world’s most famous treasures, hunted for over 500 years. . . The legendary Aztec Gold, a nation’s greatest prize and possession, spirited away from under the noses of the conquering Spaniards, finally comes within reach when an old mystery is solved and new clues arise. An all-action mission against deadly enemies. . . With the treasure map in their possession and the mysterious clues to the legendary Wheel of Gold – the inspiration for the fabled Pieces of Eight – waiting to be solved, soldiers, friends and enemies set out on a thrilling quest to find the hidden tombs and a fortune in gold and jewels. From Mexico to Arizona and Nevada, and in style of the Matt Drake series, the action comes fast and furious as Alicia’s new team chases one of the most sought-after prizes in history.

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job. Coker always on my tail or just in front. It always felt a little strange, but I put it down to the job and the tight circles we all run in. You know the score. Sooner or later, we all come across the same bunch of men and names time and time again.” “But Coker was different?” Healey asked as the next Qashqai decelerated in front of them. “Hard to say,” Crouch mused. “I’m wondering now if he hasn’t been flying along on my shirttails the whole time.” The limo narrowly missed ramming the

Navajo Indians—whose warriors were often known as braves. The Aztec warriors themselves would have respected the title.” “Going back to the petroglyphs.” Caitlyn nodded at the rock drawings. “The Aztecs are notorious for their belief in human sacrifice. To them it was a religious practice, simply the cultural tradition of the peoples of Mesoamerica at the time. It might not mean anything.” “Priests.” Russo shook his head. “Always blood-letting at the heart of religion.” Caitlyn blinked. “Not

wouldn’t put anything past our Alicia.” “Sun’s not fully risen yet,” Russo pointed out. “If we hoof it we can probably get among those small mountain rises ahead before it does.” Crouch led the way, picking up the pace as they entered the expanse of flatland. Green and brown shrubs dotted a hundred twisting sandy paths. In one place a tiny river turned into a mini-waterfall as it suddenly fell into a round man-sized hole cut into the rocky ground—just another remarkable natural spectacle. As

tribe and their old ancestors are not my only job function, you know. And they had so many gods—” He shook his head. “Only a professor that devotes his life to their history would know more than a smattering about all of them.” Crouch gave Caitlyn the eye. “Perhaps you could help?” The young woman produced a tablet computer. “Equipped with the best signal boosters money can buy, though no doubt we’ll get a better signal out here than in Marble bloody Arch.” Crouch shrugged into his pack.

Alicia crabwalking and using her semi-auto for the first time. Ducking out through the newly opened hole she threw the empty weapon back inside. “Ain’t worth getting yourselves killed for, boys,” she said and set off the explosive she’d attached to it. “Boom.” Outside, she wished they’d had time to neutralize the guard towers. Men hid in the shadows up there, taking pot shots, their only disadvantage having to duck as Russo and Healey emptied their clips at them. Alicia opened fire with her

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