Autumn: The Human Condition

Autumn: The Human Condition

David Moody

Language: English

Pages: 460

ISBN: 0957656300

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

David Moody presents the final book in the acclaimed AUTUMN series. 

The human race is finished. Mankind is all but dead and only a handful of frightened individuals remain. These people have survived through chance, not skill, and they are a desperate bunch: cheating lovers, workshy civil servants, permanently drunk publicans, teenage rebels, obsessive accountants, failed husbands, first-time cross-dressers, disrobed priests and more... Experience the end of the world as seen from almost fifty different perspectives. 

Part-companion, part-guidebook and part-sequel, AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION follows the individual stories of these desperate survivors through their final dark days. 

'The best survival horror since Richard Matheson's I am Legend' --Wayne Simmons, author of Flu and Plastic Jesus

'Moody is as imaginative as Barker, as compulsory as King, and as addictive as Palahniuk' --Scream Horror Magazine

'Takes the genre in a fascinating new direction. If John Wyndham was alive and writing zombie novels, they'd read like this' --Jonathan Maberry, best-selling author of Patient Zero and Rot & Ruin

America the Dead (White Flag of the Dead, Book 3)

Bad Blood (Tomes of the Dead: Double Dead, Book 2)

This Shattered Land (Surviving the Dead)

Dawn of Zombie Haiku












of the strip lights hanging above his head broke the silence. Spence ambled casually into the hall and fetched himself a tray of food. With only a handful of other people eating there (none of whom he knew well) he walked over towards Kilgore. ‘Mind if I sit here?’ he asked. Kilgore jumped in his seat, surprised by the unexpected interruption. His thoughts had been elsewhere. He looked up at Spence with dark, tired eyes and shook his head. ‘Go for it,’ he mumbled before looking down into his

them. Harry checked the door was locked, checked that he had tied his spare key onto the string of his shorts, checked and started his stopwatch and then began to run. He moved slowly at first, knowing that the first few footsteps were crucial. He’d had more than his fair share of avoidable injuries over the last couple of years and he knew now that it suited his body to start slowly and gradually build up to something resembling a decent speed. In any event, this was a simple training run and

the next they were dead. Both of them. Face down, dead on the floor. The death of his parents (and, apparently, the rest of the world) was the moment it finally all began to make sense. Up until that day Skin’s summer had been fucking miserable and the tedium showed no sign of relenting. He’d flunked his exams and left school and had then been forced into enrolling for re-takes at college. And his girlfriend had left him. They’d been together on and off for eight months when Dawn ended it. She

semi-arousal and drink and drug induced euphoria, he didn’t hear the glass smash and the gym entrance being forced open. ‘What the hell are you doing, you sick bastard?’ Jackson asked as he burst into the blood-soaked gym. He shone a torch at Skin who immediately let go of Dawn’s body and pushed it away. Christ, Jackson thought, he’d seen some pretty unpleasant things over the last few weeks, but never anything like this. A stupid little fired-up teenager torturing and molesting the dead. He

it impossible for him to do anything but stare directly at the dark advancing shapes. He wanted to stop them. He didn’t care what they did to him, but he wanted to stop them from trampling the graves of his wife and daughter. I might not have been able to tell you how I felt about you when you were alive, he thought, picturing Maddy and Janice in his head, but I can show you now… As the closest bodies lifted their weak, emaciated arms out for him, Lester lunged forward with the garden fork. He

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