Arachnid The Spider King (Beast Quest, Book 11)

Arachnid The Spider King (Beast Quest, Book 11)

Adam Blade, Lucy Courtenay

Language: English

Pages: 25

ISBN: 2:00310814

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

New beasts. Old magic.
In the caves of Avantia lurks Arachnid the Spider King. Massive and terrifying, Arachnid preys on the local townspeople and guards a piece of the magical golden armor. Can Tom defeat the Beast and save the kingdom from destruction?

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the streets, rippling in the cool mountain breeze. Market traders were selling toys and trinkets, and jugglers performed on street corners. Everywhere Tom and Elenna looked, there was music and laughter. People pushed and jostled, calling out to one another in cheerful voices. The street soon opened into a brightly decorated town square. Wooden tables and benches lined the marketplace, and the smell of hot stew filled the air. “Come, friends!” laughed a trader, offering Tom and Elenna shiny

magical map. The red path showing them the way to the mountains seemed to be glowing with extra urgency. They were running out of time. Silver was still growling. His body was tense, ready to spring. “Shush, boy,” Tom whispered. Then he noticed something strange about the moonlight. It was as if the moon were shining through a veil of some kind. With a shiver of disgust, he saw a thick spiderweb had been woven across the window. With a mounting sense of horror, Tom gazed around the room,

cave, a ghastly sight met his eyes. Sitting in the middle of an enormous web that stretched right across a cavern was a gigantic spider. Arachnid was the size of a barn. Eight hairy legs protruded from his body, waving lazily in the air. Thick saliva dripped from his long, sharp fangs, and he watched Tom carefully with six evil eyes. The Beast opened his jaw and moaned. The putrid smell of death filled the air. Silver barked ferociously as Tom tried to see what lay beneath Arachnid’s web. The

spider’s attack. But Arachnid didn’t shift. He was guarding the treasure that lay in the heart of his web. Another spurt of silk whistled toward Tom. Just in time, Tom lifted his shield. Still crouched beside the gauntlets, the spider lunged at Tom with one long black leg. Tom thrust hard with his sword. The blade bounced off the spider’s skin. Elenna loosed an arrow, but it clattered against Arachnid and fell uselessly into the web. “His hide is too tough,” Tom panted. How were they going to

Arachnid’s feet. “Silver!” Elenna called, as Storm snorted and tossed his long black mane. “Oh, Silver, hold on!” Arachnid moaned. The venom on his fangs gleamed. Tom hesitated. Both Silver and Etta needed his help! But there was so little time. Even with his five pieces of magical armor, Tom knew that he couldn’t do this on his own. It was time to call upon one of the good Beasts of Avantia. Who might be able to help him? Then, thinking back to the toys at the fair, the answer came to him:

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