Amazon: An Extraordinary Journey Down The Greatest River On Earth

Amazon: An Extraordinary Journey Down The Greatest River On Earth

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the farmers, ranchers and gold miners of the Amazon, and share their culture in the same way as with the tribes we visit. We want to try to understand all sides of the story and to show it as objectively as possible. The stories within the Amazon are complex and important, those of human lives affected by big-headline issues: the cocaine trade, logging and slavery. They’re stories important to the people and tribes of the Amazon; to Peru and to the rest of the world too, which is in itself a

used to Peruvian Spanish, I’m now trying to learn my first few sentences of Portuguese so I can understand some of what goes on in this bustling Brazilian town, which Leti thought would be the ideal place for us to join in Brazilian carnival. In the town we were met by two guys, Vena and Tota; they wore matching black T-shirts with ‘Soro’, the name of their bloco (carnival community), emblazoned across the front in bright pink. They handed one to me and – now dressed appropriately – I jumped on

As is the Marubo way, we begin the day again with a ceremony, this time cutting a tree from the opposite bank and carving it into a drum. The performance of the ceremony lasts the entire day. The Marubo insistence on ceremony is slightly different to my experience of ritual with other tribes. Of course, this could be an anomalous experience because they’re performing for our visit, but to me there seems to be an element of coercion in these ceremonies that I find very interesting. As a single

National Parks or Indigenous Reserves to search for gold and all said they wouldn’t think twice if there was a good chance of finding some. They also said that although they did care about the environment, they think that all the mineral wealth of the Amazon should be exploited for the benefit of the nation. As Janis said, ‘I don’t have a college education, and this is the best way I can think to make a better life for myself and my children.’ Coming from where I do, I found no words to counter

meet the coca growers. The village sits on the side of a ridge surrounded by jungle; it’s derelict, with shacks made of wood and corrugated metal, dirty laundry on lines and people who are slow to smile. As soon as we arrived I messed around with the kids. I was chucking myself about, making a fool of myself, and I think it softened a few hearts. Once everyone came back from the fields, Antonio, the village leader, called a meeting where I asked permission for us to film. I told the community I

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