Alanna: The First Adventure (The Song of the Lioness, Book 1)

Alanna: The First Adventure (The Song of the Lioness, Book 1)

Tamora Pierce

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1442426411

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From Tamora Pierce, the first book in the Song of the Lioness Quartet, honored with the Margaret A. Edwards Award.

“From now on I’m Alan of Trebond, the younger twin. I’ll be a knight.”

In a time when girls are forbidden to be warriors, Alanna of Trebond wants nothing more than to be a knight of the realm of Tortall. So she finds a way to switch places with her twin brother, Thom. Disguised as a boy, Alanna begins her training as a page at the palace of King Roald. But the road to knighthood, as she discovers, is not an easy one. Alanna must master weapons, combat, and magic, as well as polite behavior, her temper, and even her own heart.

Filled with swords and sorcery, adventure and intrigue, good and evil, Alanna’s first adventure begins—one that will lead to the fulfillment of her dreams and make her a legend in the land.

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also felt a very strong liking for him. “You shouldn’t be surprised at my lookin’ you up,” he told Alanna. “Truth to tell, I like your looks. We don’t see many with eyes like yours. You bein’ from the country—you don’t look it now, but you did then!—I thought you’d like to be knowin’ someone in the city.” “Do you always make friends on such short notice?” Gary asked sharply. George looked at him a moment. “I trust my instincts, young master. In my line of work, you learn quick to trust your

same time. Ralon screamed in pain, breaking away. They circled each other carefully. Now Ralon knew something had changed since the last time they had fought. He was sweating heavily as he charged. Alanna lunged forward, thrusting her hip between Ralon’s legs. He stumbled. She helped him fall by throwing him over her hip. Quickly she knelt on his back, knowing better than to let him up. Twisting his arms up behind him, with one hand, she used her other hand to pull his head up by the hair.

Jonathan said flatly. “Did you enjoy fighting Ralon? We’ll forget for now he’s older than you and a squire.” “When we were actually fighting—maybe,” she replied slowly. “After—no.” “You won’t find anyone smaller than you are, so you can’t beat on them,” the older boy said practically. “And after today we’re all going to think twice about whether you’re the weakest. Look, young Trebond—what did you think studying to be a knight was about?” Suddenly Alanna felt much better. “Thanks, Highness.”

lying in bed when I should be working,” he confessed. He shivered beneath his heavy blankets. “How are you? And how’s old Coram?” “We’re both fine.” She tucked the covers more firmly around him. “And Jon?” “Not even a sniffle. He stays a lot with the King.” “I don’t blame him. Mithros willing, the Queen will get well.” He let Alanna wipe his sweating face before giving her a shove. “Get out of here, before you catch it.” Alanna found then that she couldn’t sleep because she couldn’t forget

I’ll need all my friends. Will you still serve me when you’re doing great deeds?” “I’m your vassal,” she said seriously. “I’ll never forget that.” “Excellent.” He rose with a slight moan. “I want to keep one of the best fencers at Court on my side. I’m going to bathe. Don’t watch.” She grinned. “I never watch.” She turned her back as he walked down to the water. Dreamily she stared at the sky, listening to Jon yelp as he splashed chilly water over his aching body. His voice startled her when

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