Agent Q, or the Smell of Danger! (Pals in Peril, Book 4)

Agent Q, or the Smell of Danger! (Pals in Peril, Book 4)

M. T. Anderson

Language: English

Pages: 99


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's time for Lily, Katie, and Jasper to head home from their exciting Delaware adventure, but the Awful Autarch's spies and goons are everywhere, and it's clear that *they* have other plans for our three intrepid heroes. Chock full of ups, downs, twists, turns, and even a band of sentient lobsters fighting on the side of Good, this fourth installment of the Pals in Peril series is every bit as wild, wacky, and wonderfully outrageous as the first three.

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dispatched a helicopter to look for the flying van. By the time they started patrolling the skies, however, shining their searchlight into windows, the freighter had mingled with others like it, swinging around in circles, a complicated dance of bees, until it was impossible to tell which freighter concealed the van and the monks. Grzo talked gently as they all gazed out the windows at the hovering spires above them. “The crew on this heavenly ship, dear children, are all members of the Delaware

being dragged toward the holes in the hay. “Bvletch!” Katie shouted in alarm—not so much to get his attention as to point out his predicament to Drgnan. She pointed and screamed, “No! Look! Bvletch!” Drgnan turned and saw his fellow monk being lifted into the thatch. He delivered a final swipe and wriggled along the stone wall to try to catch hold of Bvletch’s penny loafers before they disappeared forever. Then the hands grabbed Drgnan himself. And Jasper found himself overwhelmed. There

Not just Bvletch.” “Don’t worry!” said Taylor. “It’s all in the line of duty, as the saying goes. If any of my friends in Congress wants me to do a thing, that’s all I have to know. I’m there.” “Great,” said Lily. “I mean, nice. For us.” There was nothing to talk about. Lily looked at the grain of the wood in the table. The folk songs drifted over to them. “Do you think Bvletch is okay?” Lily asked. “Okay? Okay?” Taylor rubbed Lily’s arm. “Well, that’s a good thought. From a good little

No one could sleep. Everyone was cold, and no one had any blankets. Drgnan and Jasper were both wearing shorts. Taylor Quizmo even took the sweater from around his shoulders and actually put it on. Some of the refugees were crying. They looked accusingly at Lily, Jasper, Drgnan, Katie, Taylor, and the unnamed monk. Even though the members of the Resistance knew it was an accident that the Ministry of Silence had been led to their secret lair—still, they clearly couldn’t help but think that if

Katie said, “He really knows how to wear a robe. He never looks stupid or awkward in it. Like, if I had to wear a robe the whole time? I’d always be tripping over it. And I’d come out of the bathroom with the back of it tucked into my underpants.” Lily agreed, “He’s really graceful.” She frowned. “And he’s gentle.” “And he has those eyes,” said Katie. “It looks like he sees through you. Into your soul, you know? Your whole soul?” She put her hands together and made a kind of praying, pushing,

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