A Gypsy's Tale (Volume 2)

A Gypsy's Tale (Volume 2)

Julie Sandilands

Language: English

Pages: 94

ISBN: 0956862101

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tale Series Book 2 Take an action packed adventure, add a sprinkle of magic, a pinch of Cumbrian myths and legends, and a smattering of beasties - the end result: A Gypsy's Tale! Ryan is a young Gypsy boy: the year is 1967. After being banished from Tyndale by the angry villagers, he and the other Gypsies head north and set up camp in Appleby, traditionally a safe haven for the travelling community, especially in June when the annual Horse Fair is held. Ryan befriends Hawkeye, a local gamekeeper’s son and is quickly made aware that something sinister lurks in the countryside surrounding the quiet town. Forming an unlikely alliance with Ed and Ollie, (two local badgers), the boys find themselves lost in a world of intrigue and suspense. Between them, the comrades have to uncover the true mystery behind the evil, and try to stop it before it threatens not just the countryside, but the inhabitants of Appleby itself. A cracking good read for both adults and children.

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brother. Lost me nerve I guess.’ ‘Timmy has that effect on people,’ smiled Ryan, before quickly adding: ‘Hang on a minute, isn’t that a bit like walking into the lion’s den? Going to the place where the monster and almost certainly, Wicked Willie will be?’ ‘Aye, but we’ll go during daylight, after the library tomorrow. It should be safer then and they’ll be two of us if anything goes wrong. What do yer say?’ Still not totally convinced, Ryan agreed. He was sure he could convince his mother to

to Hawkeye before we go. It’s important.’ His father nodded in an understanding way. ‘You’ve got an hour; don’t make me come looking for you.’ The cottage looked deserted. Ryan shouted ‘Hawkeye’, and knocked on the back door. He waited for a couple of minutes before making his way around to the tipi. Dishes from last night’s evening meal still lay on the floor. Ryan knew Hawkeye could be anywhere on the Appleby Manor estate, but there was one more place he would look before abandoning his

Regaining his composure, Ryan asked. ‘Excuse me, have we met before?’ The badgers scurried out from under the caravan and sat in front of Ryan, sniffing the air for any unfamiliar scent. ‘Nay, lad,’ said the first badger. ‘We aint met but we’ve been sent to talk to yer by a mutual acquaintance. I believe you know Arnold? He’s our second cousin, on our mother’s side, twice removed... I think.’ The badger scratched his head as he finished his sentence. He stood up on his hind legs, directly in

castle were also playing on his mind. Keeping his fears locked deep inside was not helping, and as much as he tried, he could not make sense of what had happened. Telling either of his parents was not an option and as much as the experience had frightened him, he did not want to be kept indoors any longer than necessary. Freedom did come, but not in the way Ryan had anticipated. It was Sunday afternoon when his mother announced they would all (looking directly at his father) be going to church.

without uttering a word. As the Gypsies gathered around the fire, conversation was sparse. An older man with greying hair started to sing a gentle, rhyming song. The sound rose up into the dark sky and was carried away on the breeze into the distance. Ryan looked over at his father. His stomach felt strange, empty yet heavy. Although he was eager for answers, he felt reluctant to ask his father where they were going, and, if they might ever return to Tyndale. None the wiser and without a word of

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