A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up: What to Wear, When to Wear It, How to Wear It (Revised and Expanded)

A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up: What to Wear, When to Wear It, How to Wear It (Revised and Expanded)

John Bridges, Bryan Curtis

Language: English

Pages: 190

ISBN: 2:00268376

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Let's get one thing straight. Clothes do not make the man... but they do make a difference. And regardless of whether we like the idea of appearances driving impressions, a man's exterior often is perceived as an indicator of what's happening on the interior.

Fortunately, tasteful and appropriate dressing doesn't require inordinate amounts of time or money. Any man can hit the door in fine shape with only a little forethought and a bit of attention to a few guidelines. Never mind the heady cologne and designer labels. With a navy blazer, a good bar of soap, and a regular haircut regimen, he'll be well on his way to becoming the guy who knows exactly how to suit up, regardless of the occasion. Most important, A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up illustrates how a man's natural confidence and personality are the best foundation for any wardrobe.

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buckle strap over the instep. oxford: A plain-toed lace-up shoe. pump: A formal shoe with a very low vamp, exposing most of the instep. wingtip: A lace-up shoe with a layer of scallop-cut, perforated leather added for ornamentation at the toe. Shoes 91 00-01_Gentlmn Dressed Up.indd 91 11/1/11 9:23 AM The Finishing Touches Socks and Underwear, Belts and Suspenders, Gloves, Scarves, and Overcoats, and All the Rest A gentleman is not just a man of broad gestures. He is also a man of detail.

may be of his rodeo buckle, he wears it only with his jeans. A gentleman may tighten his belt as severely as he wishes, but by doing so, he impresses only himself and threatens to cut off his circulation. The Finishing Touches 97 00-01_Gentlmn Dressed Up.indd 97 11/1/11 9:23 AM When the weather is cold, a gentleman always wears gloves, but not just to keep his hands warm. He knows that cold fingers do not make for a pleasant handshake. Two gentlemen need not remove their gloves when

greeting each other with a handshake on a frozen sidewalk or at a football game. When a gloved gentleman, in the midst of frigid weather, extends his hand to an ungloved person, he makes a simple apology: “Excuse the glove.” Unless he is an usher at a white-tie wedding, or is a banquet waiter, it is highly unlikely that a gentleman will ever be required to wear white gloves. A Gentleman Gets Dressed up 98 00-01_Gentlmn Dressed Up.indd 98 11/1/11 9:23 AM If a gentleman owns a variety of

knows that, when making a first impression, his wardrobe may speak louder than his actions— perhaps even louder than his words. A gentleman knows that his clothing is the first thing others see—before he has a chance to offer a handshake or open his mouth. Confronted with clever dress codes, such as “Festive Formal” or “Creative Black Tie,” a gentleman has every right to dress as traditionally as he chooses. Introduction xiii 00-01_Gentlmn Dressed Up.indd 13 11/1/11 9:22 AM If a gentleman

having shaved twice in a day may well lead to a night of torture. Therefore, a gentleman is well advised to think ahead. If he expects to shave twice in twenty-four hours, he uses a fresh razor (or razor blade) each time he lathers up. He makes sure to moisten his beard thoroughly before shaving and to use plenty of hot water so as to keep his face well steamed throughout the process. If a gentleman is rushed while preparing for a social occasion of any sort, he is well advised to shave before

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