50 Ways to Wear a Scarf

50 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Lauren Friedman

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 145212597X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the Audrey to the Paris, the Top Down, or the Easy Breezy, there are 50 scarf styles in this book for any occasion or mood. Jaunty illustrations break down each step so stylistas can wrap, loop, and get out the door looking perfectly polished. Teens, young professionals, and moms alike will love playing around with the looks, including unexpected belts, sarongs, and topknots. Vibrantly illustrated and packaged as a compact hardcover, 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf begs to be gifted with a scarf and displayed on a dresser, plus it's small enough to take scarf shopping. Très chic!

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scarf around the middle section of your hair, then wrap the right end of the fabric with the right section of hair as if you were starting a braid. 3 Continue braiding your hair while incorporating the scarf. 4 As you go, place hairpins to hold the scarf and your hair in place. 5 Finish with hairspray. 19 THE BRAID If you can braid your hair, you can braid your scarf. Try this sophisticated move with one of your favorite long scarves. 1 Drape a long rectangular scarf around the back of

end up to create a braid, moving until you reach the end of the scarf. 6 Secure the ends with one final tie. 20 THE POCKET SQUARE Go a little more traditional and tuck a dapper pocket square into your blazer pocket. There are many different ways to fold a pocket square; this method is the quickest and easiest. 1 Fold a freshly ironed handkerchief or small square scarf in half to create a rectangle. 2 Fold the rectangle into thirds. 3 Crease the edges as you go to help the scarf maintain

you reach the end of the scarf.) 25 THE BAND AND TWIST This adorable head wrap is an easy way to get your hair off your face on a hot day or during a killer workout. 1 Choose a rectangular scarf. 2 Place the scarf at the low center of your forehead. 3 Cross the ends in the back. 4 Twist the ends into two coils. 5 To finish, bring the coils forward to the forehead and knot securely. You may tuck the ends under the coil, or leave them untucked. 26 The Hourglass Behold, the fastest way

to add definition to your figure. Choose a belt at least one inch wide for this straightforward style. 1 Pick a long rectangular scarf and a belt that go well together. 2 Drape the scarf around the back of your neck so the ends hang evenly in front. 3 With the ends of the scarf lying flat down your front, buckle the belt on top of the scarf. Ensure that you place it at the smallest part of your waist, just below your rib cage. 27 < THE PREP > Any true blue-blood will feel comfortable in

bow. 4 Finally, tighten your original knot and adjust the bow as you see fit. BONUS: THE PUP A girl’s best friend deserves a scarf just as much as you do. This look is both stylish and useful—your canine will prance the streets with flair and be easier to spot on a walk through the woods! 1 Fold a small square scarf (that you don’t mind getting dirty!) diagonally to form a triangle. 2 Tell your pooch to “sit.” 3 Finish by knotting the scarf loosely over your dog’s collar. HISTORY OF THE

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